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Mike Connell

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So it doesn’t take much to think about this: that when people have got into this kind of turmoil, they have issues with God, issues with another person, issues with themselves. So you just speak into each of these areas.

So there we are. Those are some of the major areas that we need to learn to minister into; and there’ll be also the area of trauma. We’ll talk about that tomorrow briefly. Now, the last one on that list that I didn’t mention, I’ll just mention it briefly now, are just patterns or habits of sin. You just need to identify these. I’ll just give them to you quickly: Unforgiveness; Bitterness; Hatred; and Rebellion. Those are common sins in people’s lives; reactions to others, jealousy. So those are common heart sins; Rebellion. Every one of these, the Bible makes it clear, opens the doorway to evil spirits. Unforgiveness; Bitterness; Hatred; and Rebellion - all of those things open the door to evil spirits. When a person is rejected, they usually rebel.

So it just helps you to understand that those issues of the heart need to be dealt with too. Unforgiveness, Bitterness, Hatred. The person needs to just repent and release forgiveness. Then we command the spirits to come out.

So, we see then, we’ve got many many keys now of how to minister to people. We’ve started to see now that evil spirits use doorways into lives. Dismantle the doorways, and then you command the spirits out. Dismantle the doorways, dismantle the demonic houses, and it’s quite easy to get the person set free.

So tomorrow we’ll look briefly at the issue of trauma, and various kinds of how trauma affects people. Then we’ll look at how to work with people to build freedom in their life, because it’s not enough just to cast the demons out; we need to get the person to walk in new life. That will involve growing in their spirit, and renewing their mind, and handling the pressure of temptations and the old things coming back. It’s quite simple – humble yourself under the hand of God; submit to God, resist the devil, he will flee from you.

There are some practical things I’ll share with you that’ll help a person rebuild their life. Mostly people just want you to fix them; but we need to encourage people to journey with God, and take responsibility for building a Godly life. It’s easier to cast out demons than to build a Godly life, because building a Godly life requires discipline, and developing good habits in your life.

Tomorrow we’ll have a chance to minister to people as well. So we’ll use the first session tomorrow to just finish the teaching, and the second session to be able to have a flow of ministry. Amen. God bless you.