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Mike Connell

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When you’re working with people, and you’re trying to solve a problem in their life, inquire to search for when this problem began. The person is responsible for their own life, just like this woman’s problem was her problem. It was her battle. It was her demons. But the root where this thing had got established was generational. So when you’re working with people, try to assess whether the problem has got a generational root that’s energising the problem.

I remember coming across this first in a Christian school; and we observed an interesting thing. We had all these children, they all had to learn or memorise Bible verses; and there were 3 children in the school, they could remember anything except the Bible. There were 2 from one family, 3 from another family. None of them could remember scripture. They’d learn it; then it’s gone! They could not hold scripture in their mind; but they could learn other things. I really prayed to find out why it is these children cannot learn scripture.

Then I came across it one day. The parents, the father in both families, had been involved with freemasonry. They’d been involved as a freemason. They’d made these curses, or these oaths of allegiance to freemasonry, and it had opened the door for evil spirits to come into the family. Even though the children had done nothing, there were demonic spirits that tormented and stopped them from retaining spiritual things. So when we broke the curses of freemasonry, they were able to memorise scripture. It’s like there was a confusion that left. There were no big manifestations; just they were able to learn scripture. That was one of my first experiences of how curses can come down family lines.

I’ve prayed for very many people where the origin of the problem was in their family background. If you check the family tree, the problems are quite easy to pick up. If you start to pray for them to be exposed, it’s quite surprising how they just suddenly come out to the open. Now there are usually indications that a spirit is operating, or a curse is operating. I’ll give you some examples of a curse operating; what sorts of things you’d be looking for. If you look into the family tree, these are the kinds of things you’d look for, and these are all located in Deuteronomy 28.

Here they are, just quickly and simply. So if there are curses operating in a family - there may be a pattern of mental or emotional breakdowns; there may a chronic sickness and disease that won’t go away; there may be patterns of barrenness or miscarriages, bleeding problems; there may be marriage and family breakdowns; there can be financial setbacks and losses; you could have problems with being accident prone; there could be a history of suicides or violent deaths; there could be a pattern of mistreatment or abuse; there could be patterns of inability to settle – the person’s constantly moving around; or the person may just find that there’s constant spiritual problems.

So, when you’re working with someone, try to track the problems to the root, because often they’re in the family line. How do you deal then, with a demonic curse, or curse operating in the family line? It’s actually really quite simple. I’ll give you the steps.

First, it has to be recognised of course. So, we would identify – “Look, this began in your family line, and it’s continued with you.” So this is what you do... This is what the person needs to do: Firstly, the person needs to renounce the curse in the family line, as a representative of the family. They need to stand up, representing the family, and renounce the curse. If they have sinned themselves in the same way, they need to ask forgiveness for being a part of this. Thirdly, they need to release forgiveness to family members who opened the door for the curse. Release forgiveness. Finally, place the cross of Jesus between them and their family line, and ask Jesus to set them free.