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Mike Connell

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What I shared about the addiction to the video games of sorcery, also applies to games of violence. In a recent interview on Discovery channel, with a man who murdered his parents, it turns out he was very bitter against them because he was adopted. Even though the parents tried to care for him, he was bitter against them; and in his teen years, he immersed himself in his room, watching TV and programs over and over again. In his imagination, he saw him living out one of the characters in ‘The Matrix’. One day, he just shot his parents in cold blood.

Now the murder shocked everyone; but it was already building in his heart before it got there. It was very clear, as I watched him on the television, he had a generational illegitimacy - bitter roots against his parents who adopted him; spirits of abandonment; bitter roots against the adoptive parents; hatred that had been nurtured over a period of time; and then through the fantasy realm, had just activated a spirit of murder in his life.

He could’ve been helped if someone knew what to do; if someone knew to deal with the generational roots, and deal with the fantasy that had come into his mind. So how do we deal with occult roots? Very simply: the person needs to acknowledge they’ve been involved in these things; they need to confess and repent of them; and then renounce all agreements they made with the evil spirits. They must cancel all agreements made with evil spirits. If they cut themselves, or invited the spirits in; whatever thing they were involved in, they need to renounce it; and then reach out to Jesus to set them free.

If I was leading someone through a prayer like that, I would first start with a confession of faith. “Father in heaven, I come to You in Jesus’ name. I confess Jesus Christ is my Saviour and Lord. I’m redeemed by the blood of Jesus from every curse, from every evil spirit, from the power of sin. Lord I confess to You now, that I have been involved in the occult in these ways; and I ask You to forgive me. I renounce now, I cancel all agreements I have made with evil spirits. I cancel them, I reject them, and I reject the spirits. Lord, I release forgiveness to those who’ve hurt me, and I ask You to set me free. Satan, go from my life now, in Jesus’ name.”

You see its similar process. It’s made up with the same bricks that we shared on the foundations for freedom. Once you’ve got that process, it’s quite easy to apply it in each place. You may vary it a little, in its order or its wording, depending on what the Holy Spirit says. So then, how do you minister? First, break the agreements. Second, command the spirits. Break the agreements, command the spirits. “In Jesus’ name, I break every tie to this evil spirit. I break the agreements you made.” Or maybe: “I break the soul-tie to that fantasy game. I break the attachments to that spirit.” Now sometimes, even as you break those attachments, or break the agreements, sometimes even at that point, the demon starts manifesting. “Now, come out! Out!” Command the spirits to come out.

So it’s quite straightforward. Using those foundational blocks for freedom, the person will: acknowledge their sin; confess it to the Lord; renounce the agreements; release forgiveness to others; ask the Lord to set them free, resist the demon. You break the curses, break any attachments, break any agreements, and command the demons to come out. Straightforward isn’t it?

3.) There’s another third area. The third area is sexual sin. Sexual sin opens the door for spirits to enter people’s lives. The reason is this: God has set a law in place, that two become one flesh through sexual union. So when a person is involved sexually with another person, there is a joining or a bonding of their lives together. In 1 Corinthians 6, it tells us that: ‘he that is joined to the Lord is one spirit; but if you’re joined to a prostitute, you’re one flesh’. In 1 Corinthians 6:18, it warns us that every sin is outside your body; but sexual sin, something is imparted into you. Luke 4:33-36, there’s a man in the synagogue with an unclean spirit.