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Mike Connell

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2.) They need to renounce ungodly sexual soul-ties: “In Jesus’ name, I cancel ungodly sexual soul ties to each person I’ve been involved sexually with; each image I’ve been attached to; each fantasy I’ve allowed to live in my mind. I renounce the soul ties to it now.” Little by little, you just dismantle this thing.

3.) Now we deal with reactions. “Lord, I renounce now, bitter judgements I made against the opposite sex. I renounce any inner vow I made to protect my heart. I renounce any death wish I made. Now Lord, I release forgiveness. I forgive those people who used me and hurt me. I forgive them and bless them.” You notice it’s like, just one step at a time, you’re: dismantling the structures the demons live in; pulling down the house the demons live in - the sin, the soul ties, the reactions, the bitter reactions, and releasing forgiveness.

I’ll go through it again. “Father, I come to You in Jesus’ name. I confess my sin to You now. I ask for Your forgiveness. I renounce now, every ungodly soul tie, every joining in sexual intimacy, every attachment to an image, whatever it is you’ve uncovered in counsel. I renounce it and cancel it now.”

Now the reactions: “I renounce death wishes – wanting to die because I was hurt. I renounce it and choose life. I renounce every inner vow I made, that I would never let anyone near me again. I renounce it now. I renounce every bitter judgement. I renounce it and cancel it now. Lord, I release forgiveness to those who’ve hurt me. Now Lord, I ask You to set me free.”

You see how we’ve just systematically pulled down the demonic house. Then you can start to minister to them. How would you minister? Start with breaking things: “In Jesus’ name, I break the ungodly soul tie. I break it. I break it.” You speak what you’re breaking. “I break the attachment to images. I break the attachment to websites. I break those things now. In Jesus’ name I break them, and break the other bondages. I break that inner vow. I break that death wish.” Once you’ve assessed what it is, you just break it.

Now you command the spirits. You command unclean spirits; and usually there’ll be spirits of bitterness; spirits of death; spirits of rejection; spirits of grief. Let the Holy Spirit guide you what to pray for. If you could just imagine for a moment what that person went through, you’ll begin to be able to name quite clearly the things they’ve gone through: Spirits of rejection; Spirits of bitterness; Hatred of men; Self-hate; and Shame.

You begin to start to lock-in to a flow. Often people carry over their life a deep shame. “Father, in Jesus’ name, I break the shame. I command the spirit of shame to come out.” Wherever there’s shame, there would be self-hate, and maybe death wishes. So let the spirit of God guide you how to make that flow a prayer.

There are a couple of other areas I also pray for people. So I pray like this – “Father, I ask that you remove out of this person, every defiling influence that was imparted. Lord, remove it out of their body and soul.” Sometimes people feel like there’s something, the person’s leaving them. “Lord, we pray healing into their spirit and soul. Lord I just pray for Your cleansing to flow right through this person.”

Now you get the idea how to minister. It’s not very hard. When we have an alter call, and we call up people and their sexual sin; break the soul ties, speak into and command shame, and bitterness, and unclean spirits, and death to go. What you’ll find as you are looking into the person, are: reactions against the person who hurt them - bitterness, hatred; and then reactions against themselves – Shame; Self-hate. Self-rejection. Bitterness. Grief.