Called to be a Minister of the Holy Spirit (7 of 8)

Mike Connell

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Alright, so again now, you are going to minister the power of the Spirit to this lady. We ask again. ‘Can I practise on you?’ ‘Yes.’ I like a big smile. Ok then.” So, the lady receiving, just close your eyes and focus on the Lord. In a moment, the power of God will touch your life. I want you to close your eyes, and I want you just to begin to picture Jesus standing, and He’s just where I’m standing, just with you now. God is with you. Begin to pray in tongues. Activate the flow of the Spirit. Become aware that God is with you. God is with you. Then on the count of 3, we’re just going to release the power of God. So when we come to 3, rise up inside, and release the power of God. Just speak the word “Power!” 1, 2, 3, “Power”.

Alright then, I just want to change around. You catch; and you be here. That’s right. What I want you to do, ask her again, same question: ‘Can I practise on you?’ “Yeah you can’. Close your eyes, and just begin to pray. Pray in tongues. When you’re praying in tongues, God’s spirit is flowing in you; as you begin to feel his presence in you now. That’s right. Don’t focus on praying, just focus on… There it is.

Now, same person praying - two different experiences. Don’t worry about that. It’s ok. Now, there was somewhat of a difference in the ability of the people being prayed for to receive. That’s what makes the difference - it’s the person receiving. So always, there has to be faith. Ministry has nothing passive in it. You’ve got to be 'believing God actively for something to happen. Amen.

“Come up again. Just come. I need a catcher. ‘Can I take your hand? Can I practise on you?’ Ok. That’s good.” Remember – creating a positive environment is crucial. You’re the leaders. You need to be expecting God to do something. So, when you’re ministering, build expectation. In a few moments, God is going to touch your life. The power of God will come on you. I can see already the anointing’s coming on her. Holy Spirit come, touch, now. I rose up inside, and released the power of God.

“Come. You come too. Give me your hand. Stand behind her. Thank You Lord. There we go. Close your eyes. I want you to look up. God wants to touch you. God wants to pour His Spirit out on you. There. Now, you notice: I was speaking something. I was declaring something.

“Come. Just come. There we go. Isn’t that nice? Amen. Praise the Lord. Give me your hand. Close your eyes and look up to the Lord. God wants to touch you, wants to touch you like He touched the others, wants to touch you with His power. I want you, just for a moment now, just see your heart like two big doors just opening up. “Now!” Touch her right now.

Now, I was preparing her to receive. How did I prepare her to receive? I wonder if any of you noticed what I did. I’ll show you what I did. First, I got two experiences, where she saw God moving. Testimonies will do the same thing – share stories of God moving. Secondly, I got her to open her heart. I used a picture to help her open her heart. Then, I just prayed more strongly. Then something happened. So always, we have to learn how to build faith for things happen!

“Just come along here. 1, 2, 3. You’re the minister, you’re receiving, you’re catching. Ready? ‘Can I practise on you?’ That’s good. You can almost tell this is going to work. I want you to just imagine God is just as near as I am. The Spirit of God is filling you, just release the power of God right now. There it is. 1, 2, 3. Ok. Very good. You feel the power flow?” Don’t be timid. Don’t be shy. Come on, get bold! “Thank you Lord. Close your eyes, look up to the Lord; thank You Lord for Your presence. Touch her right now in Jesus’ mighty name.”