Called to be a Minister of the Holy Spirit (7 of 8)

Mike Connell

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Ok it’s your turn. I want to get you into groups of 3. I want you all of have an opportunity to pray for someone. Ok? So, find an area or space you can practise. Get into groups of 3. If you haven’t got 3, put your hand up. Ok. We’re ready. One person catching – eyes open, one person receiving the prayer. Ok, person ministering – we want to do it just step-by-step.

Step 1 – “Can I practise on you?” “Yes yes yes”

Step 2 – Person receiving – close your eyes, open up your heart. God is going to touch you. Person ministering – begin to pray in tongues, quietly praying, begin to picture God’s power flowing. On the count of 3, release the power of God. Just blow on the person, or speak the word ‘power’.

Ready? 1, 2, 3. “Power!” Oh. That’s good. Very good. Try again. This time, take their hand – “Can I practise on you?” “Oh, yes. Do your best.” Are you ready? Person receiving – close their eyes. Person praying – listen to me. I want you to see this. As you begin to pray in tongues, begin to imagine Jesus. He’s full of joy; smiling; very happy; and we’re going to release that joy. The joy you can see, you’re going to release it into people.

Ready? 1, 2, 3. “Joy!” Woah. Very good. Change around; or try again. Ok. “Can I practise on you?” “Yes, yes, yes. Do your best.” Ok. Close your eyes if you’re receiving. Person praying, begin to meditate on Jesus. Keep your eyes fixed on Jesus. Begin to see Him. He’s full of joy. That joy is inside you. You’re going to release it. 1, 2, 3. “Joy!” Wow. Very good. Alright.

Now, listen again. Jesus said: “Out of your inner-most being, from within you, will flow rivers of living water.” Now, here’s the question: where does the flow come from? From in you. You must let go your heart to the person. You must let go of what God’s given you. You can’t sort of just stand like this: “Blah blah blah”. What’s happening is this –you’re saying ‘keep away from me. I’m going to pray from a distance.’ You can’t minister from a distance. You have to release what you have.

Just hold her. Ready. So you arise in your spirit, “hoo”, release the power of God. It’s like what God has given you, you give to them. The word ‘spirit’ is the word ‘breath’. That’s why I was getting you to breathe, or to speak. Hold her. That’s right. Come stand here. Lift your hands up. “Ooh power of God touch her”. Now, you notice I let something go from inside. There’s a power flow from within. There’s nothing passive about ministry. Got her? Ready? Just lift your hands up.

So, you rise in your spirit, and it’s going to release the power. “Power. Touch her Lord right now.” Oh. It’s alright. God’s touching her. It’s just sometimes it’s more visible than others. So if I was just to come a little closer. “Thank you Lord. The power of touching Lord, right now”. Now, the problem is one of receiving. It’s not one of giving, because if I just go like this: “Power - touch her right now.” You see the whole group goes down. So this is an issue of receiving. I just need to help her receive.

“I want you to just close your eyes and relax. God loves you. He does love you so very much. I want you to just see it’s like you’ve got two big doors on your heart, and I want you to just open them up so you can receive. So you’re used to giving to everyone else, but not used to receiving. Jesus wants you to receive as well. Just in a moment now, I want you to open up your heart, like you’re opening a door”. “Whooh - touch her”.

Now, what was the difference? The difference was the heart positioning to receive; and as I started to pray I was asking: “Lord what is the problem”. I felt the Lord drop into my heart: “She gives out to everyone else, but doesn’t find it easy to receive for herself”. So then what I encouraged her to do, was to picture her heart like it had two big doors on it, and opening them up. As she began to do that, the Spirit of God began to move into her. It’s all to do with preparation; and some people just never fall over anyway, so don’t worry about it - it’s not about falling over. I’m just trying to teach you the dynamics of flowing with the Spirit.