Called to be a Minister of the Holy Spirit (7 of 8)

Mike Connell

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“Did you feel the difference that time? Yeah. You felt God start to touch you? And it’s true - you work and serve a lot, and give out to everyone else. When you give out to everyone else, it’s often that after a while, you don’t think there’s anything for you. God does love you. Close your eyes again. He loves you. See Him just standing before you; and He loves you. Father, in Jesus’ name, I break the spirit of rejection. I break every ungodly belief: that I’m of no value, and my life doesn’t count. I break it now in Jesus’ name. Lord, release Your presence. Touch her Lord.”

So the root problem was rejection. Even when nothing happened, I was still asking God: what’s happening? Get the idea? Learning? Alright then, so let’s do it again. Let’s pray one more time. Are we ready? Find someone to practise on. “Power! Power!” Ok we’re ready. “Can I practise on you?” “Ok. Yes. Do your best.” Just listen to me very carefully. Listen to me.

Now, I’m speaking to the people receiving. If you believe in your heart that there’s nothing for you, nothing will happen. If you look at the person praying for you, and think they’re not very anointed, nothing will happen for you. You have to realise this – that even if the person is not highly anointed, it doesn’t matter - your faith can release the gifting in their life. Jesus said: “If they receive you, they’ll receive Me.” So if you’re standing there right now, and someone has got hold of your hands, just as you close your eyes, imagine that’s Jesus there; and open your heart to receive. That’s right. See Him, smiling, loving you.

Now, if you’re ministering. Just release the power of God right now. 1, 2, 3. Power. It’s all about the heart begin aware. Try again. She’s unconscious - try someone else. Change around. Person receiving, close your eyes. What’s happening over there? That’s a spirit. One person pray in tongues, the other person command it out. Speak straight into the spirit. Ok. We’re ready. Person receiving, close your eyes. Jesus is about to minister to you. Person ministering, begin to see Jesus reaching out to this person. On the count of 3, rise up and release joy. 1, 2, 3. Joy!

See? It worked. Try once more. Just change around. Power! “Can I practise? Can I practise on you?” Person receiving, close your eyes. Woah. Catch her. Careful. We’re ready. Person ministering, begin to pray in tongues. See God’s Spirit working through you, then release the power of God. 1, 2, 3. Power! Alright then.

“Now, just stop. You’re trying to do it from your head, not your heart. Try one more time. I want you to close your eyes and open your heart; and see Jesus is with you. His power is flowing through you. Just see it. Focus on Him, not on the girl. Focus on Him. Now we’re going to release the power that’s inside you. 1, 2, 3. Power! See what happened that time? See? Quite different - from inside; before, it was up here. You were looking at her, and you were outside, not inside.”

Ok. Turn around then. Change over. Ready? Ok here we go. Look at that. Come. So now, I showed you a method – 1, 2, 3; but the anointing of the Spirit is like a river. So, don’t be strained or artificial. Try to be very natural.

Now, you notice this – I encourage you to pray without putting your hand on them, so you would resist the tendency or temptation to push them. If you put your hand like that, you’ll start to think “I need to help God. I push.”

I’m trying to teach you to arise from your spirit and to flow from your spirit. When you are flowing from your spirit, you won’t need to push; you just touch, and the presence of God just comes. So, it’s not the method, it’s the flow.