Called to be a Minister of the Holy Spirit (7 of 8)

Mike Connell

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Someone else come. When you’re speaking to demons, you don’t flick them off like you’re swatting a fly. That’s not how you get rid of a demon. You have to use words. The words we speak are spirit. You need to speak to the demon.

Where is the demon located? In here, or around there? Ask the Lord to show you where. He may want you to put your hand on them. You must speak with force from inside. You must believe what you say will come to pass. Jesus said “Have the faith of God, speak to the mountain: be removed.” You must believe what you say will happen. So, we need to speak words we mean. So, it’ll be: “Loose!”, and you can see power flow. If we were doing deliverance, the demon would feel that. “Loose!”

Speaking those commands, the demon is forced up to the surface. They can tell whether you believe in what you’re saying. It’s not just saying empty words; its saying words filled with faith. “I believe that as I speak, something will happen; and if I take care I believe that when I speak ‘Power!’ that power will flow.” So, you need to believe when you speak, something will happen. Now, we just want to have a chance just to pray for people; and we covered so many areas, we just have to believe that God will do something.

So, if you had areas of generational curse, idolatry, spiritism, or sexual sin, some traumas, say: “God I need You to touch me. I know I need to be set free.” Please make your way to the front. Just make rows. First row receive, second row catch.

Let just worship the Lord. So, I look and I see lots of people. I can think one or two ways: “Oh, so many people - sigh”; or I can think like this: “every time I pray, I get stronger, because I’m exercising my authority.” So, you could get stronger too, if some of you helped in the praying. So if you’re not receiving prayer, maybe you’d like to come up, and be involved in just in doing some of the praying.

Now, remember what we said. Just prepare the environment. Now, what you didn’t realise, when I was getting you praying for one another, I was also preparing the environment; getting you to open up, getting you to relax, getting you to open to the Holy Spirit.

There’s no way that we can pray in detail for any person. I just have to believe that when I lay hands on you, the power of God will come on you; and you need to believe that too. Even though I don’t know everything that’s happening in your life, that God’s power will come on you. So, prepare your heart. Talk to Jesus now, about the issue you want the breakthrough. Be specific. Don’t come up saying: ‘well, whatever God wants to do, He can do.’ It’s just religious - it doesn’t work. Jesus asked the blind man: “what do you want?”

You need to tell Jesus what you want; where you want your breakthrough. Is it a generational thing? Is it something to do with spiritism? Is it some torment in your mind? Is it some traumatic experience? Is it some sexual sin? Is it some heart attitude? What is it that’s the problem? Just bring it before the Lord right now. Is it a fear? Is it some area that holds you back? Is it shame? Is it rejection? Have you been under the control of people so long, you feel deeply angry and rejected? Is there some picture that comes to mind? Talk to the Lord right now.

If there’s sin, ask Him to forgive you. If there’s someone you need to forgive, speak words of forgiveness. Come on. Let’s do that right now. Just speak with the Lord. Speak with Him. “Jesus, I’m so sorry. There’s been this sin in my life. I just come to You. I ask You to forgive me.” Talk to Him about what it is. Some addiction; some bondage. Talk to Him. He loves you. He forgives you. So you release forgiveness. Just release forgiveness to people who have hurt you, betrayed you. Release forgiveness.