Sonship and Eternal Purpose (1 of 4)

Mike Connell

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Sonship and Eternal Purpose (1 of 4) Sonship is not gendered.

When he talks about sons, he's talking about representatives who rule over the family business.

When he's talking about a bride, he's talking about someone who is very beautiful, and attractive, that he has a love relationship with.

When he talks about temple, he's talking about a dwelling, and that he comes and fills all of it with his presence.

There are many different ways that God expresses himself, so when we talk sonship, we are talking male and female.

I'm going to do a series over four weeks called Sonship, and today we're going to look at Sonship and Eternal Purpose. God's eternal purpose, and look at the big picture.

Main Message

Ephesians 3:10-11. Paul is writing in Ephesians. It's full of so much revelation. He says to the intent that: now - hear that word now, not future. Now, the manifold wisdom of God, something that's the wisdom of God, not man's wisdom, the wisdom of God might be known, made known by the church to the principalities and powers in the heavenly places according to the eternal purpose which he accomplished in Christ Jesus, our Lord.

So notice that word, Eternal Purpose. Purpose means that God has a long-term plan, that He is working out. So nothing happening in the world is random. There is a plan being worked out.

The problem is, most Christians look at the media and they don't understand the plan. If you look at the media, you just get filled with fear and overwhelmed, but if you study the word of God, to find God's plan, you will be filled with hope, and it will cause you to persevere, and be filled with faith in the season. See, that's the difference.

God says He has an eternal purpose, and that word Eternal is the word age. We taught a series on ages: this present evil age; the age to come; and then the eternal age. This present age; the age of the kingdom; and then the eternal age.

And so it says that God's purpose is an age-lasting purpose. So what we're seeing, when we look into the purpose of God, it has been worked out in this age, and then will be worked out and fulfilled in the next age. And so it's a long-term plan. God has a long-term plan; but you notice, although it'll come to its fulfillment in the future, there's a part now, happens; now, to the Principalities and powers, to the unseen spirit rulers, who influence nations, influence world events are behind the manipulation of governments and finance and things like that. They're still operating and influential. Nevertheless, now, God wants to show through people, how wise He is; what his wisdom is.

When you receive Jesus Christ, that is the wisdom of God. You have got a fresh start in life. When you begin to walk with God, that is the wisdom of God. When you choose to love people, instead of hate them - that is the wisdom of God. When you choose to be a giver rather than a taker, that is the wisdom of God. So the plan of God is not just something in the future, it's something that is operating in our life day by day, but leading to a grand climax.

That's the eternal purpose of God, which he purposed in Christ. So Christ is the center of that purpose, and that purpose is outworked now through the church.

A lot of people get wound up about the church, and the media have a go at the church. The church is always going to be in the front line of conflict, because it's the family within which God brings forth His purpose.

The church is not his purpose. There's nothing to indicate that is his purpose. The church is the body of people, through which he outworks his purpose, which is to bring forth sons and daughters into the destiny he has for them.

The church is a great crowd of people and very, immature at that, but nevertheless, God uses the church as his instrument to fulfill his purpose. Now, through the church, the body of people known as the local church.

Now look at Ephesians 1:16-19. God's eternal purpose is actually a family of Christ-like sons and daughters. Let's have a look in Paul's prayer for believers... Notice here he's praying for believers.