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Witchcraft in Relationships

Mike Connell

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The Bible says to do that, it says: don't have fellowship with the evil works of darkness. In other words, don't yield, surrender and get drawn into that whole drama. Rather, expose it. Bring it out to the light. Say: hey, we need to talk. We need to talk - then that's the challenging part, is to bring things to the light. So the thing is, we just need to talk, let's have a talk; then say what you're sensing, what you're feeling; this is what I'm feeling, this is what I'm sensing. Listen, we've got a problem in this relationship. This is what I see is happening - we need to talk about it.

You've got to realise that the other person's responsible for their stuff. Hey, did you realise - come in a spirit of grace, come in a spirit of life. You've got to come in the opposite spirit. You've got to always operate in the opposite spirit. Someone's angry, you come in calmness. Someone's bitter, you come with a sweet grace in your heart. If someone's dishonouring, come with honour. That's part of how you win. You win by playing the game God's way. You win by finding God's way, and so one of the ways He says to win is, you know: bless those who curse you. I don't want to bless them. I want to punch them, and then curse them - or maybe the other way round. But you've actually got to manage your own internals before you address the thing, and you desire to have a godly outcome. So you come to the person with love in your heart, and concern for the relationship, but you've got to talk the truth. You've got to speak the truth; say: this is what I'm feeling, this is what I'm sensing, what's going - and when they say no, no, no, there's nothing going - yeah, there's something's going on. I can feel it. Then they say no, no, no. Actually what you're doing is affecting all of us, it's affecting me. This is how it's affecting me. You've got to lay it all right out there, straight on the table. This is what I'm unhappy about. This is what I'd like to talk about.

Then explore the possible solutions, and if it all comes to an end, and it doesn't end so good, at least you set a boundary; then actually I don't have to put up with that. I'm not going to put up with that, and you establish a clear boundary: that this is how you'll behave in the future, if they behave that way.

So what you've got to realise is, behind these what we call human problems, is a spirit power that operates; so don't try and deal with these problems just on one level. Deal with them: one, in prayer; two, with love and grace and truth; and boundaries at a practical level. So if there's an issue comes up, identify it: what are you feeling? Try to get a handle on it, try to get a name on it, pray, ask the Lord, just strengthen yourself in the spirit. Ask the Lord to give you inside, what it is you're dealing with, bring it out so you can see it, what you've got to face, what they've got to face. Then go to the person when you're ready - prepare yourself. Go to the person when you're ready, and just go in grace, go in peace, go to reconcile, go to sort the thing out - but go to get a change.

Go to get the darkness - you know all it takes to get rid of darkness, just turn on the light. That's all it does, so demons actually, once you're in the right frame and space with God, once you're actually fired up in God, and got the right heart attitude, all you've got to do is just come with the truth and the light and bang! You're suddenly there, and the person may just go crazy - whoa! So that's what we've been up against all this time. This is real bad stuff. Let them shout and whatever, just say: listen, I won't carry on with that, and you just put a wall and a boundary, and say: I won't be treated that way, and we won't continue while you're carrying on that way.

This is a real challenge for us in relationships, to be able to do this, be able to go and sort things out like that. I encourage you to have a think about this, and think about the relationships where you have, or are experiencing, witchcraft pressure on you; and instead of just saying: it's just me, there must be something wrong with me, maybe there's a spirit coming in to separate and fragment that relationship, undermine that marriage, undermine that family, undermine that partnership. Something's coming in - why don't you be the one that steps up by saying: this is what I'm feeling God. Now I'm going to pray until I get the insight. Then I'll prepare my heart, and go talk about it, put it on the table, and we've got it out, and we've cleaned it up. Amen!