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Witchcraft in Relationships

Mike Connell

So the next thing you see is having withdrawn and disconnected, then he comes into depression. Depression is a sense of heaviness, despair, it brings a confusion, darkness, a blackness. You can't think properly. You are now under the influence of that spirit. The spirit is producing heaviness and torment around your life. Then finally you sit down, and feel like you lose the will to fight. All you want to do is find a way out. Now this is written in the Bible for us, to be warned by, and to learn from. These are clear symptoms. Anytime you start to experience a sequence of those things happening, then you know that a witchcraft spirit is coming against you; to draw you back from the assignment God gave you; disconnect you from the people God connected you to, to fulfil that assignment; and to cause you to end up wanting to abandon what God called you to do, and find an escape from life's realities.

So I would encourage you to get your Bible, mark them all down. Anytime you see, sense, feel those things happening, or they're happening around someone else, get it out in the light. Get it out in the open. The moment you bring it to the open, you break its power. One of the keys to breaking this thing is the point here, where he isolated himself. It's okay to get caught up in the problems. That happens to all of us. It's okay to feel a bit afraid, and not quite know what to do; but if you isolate at that point, that is when the thing starts to have it's impact on you. Why? That witchcraft spirit, sometimes called a Jezebel spirit, I don't always use that name because people tend to associate it with a woman rather than actually deal with it as a spirit power - gender neutral - so we'll just call it witchcraft at this point. So it's gender neutral, it's just got everyone it's after.

He wants to separate you from the assignment of God, and the connections of God, so you disconnect and shut down; and then find yourself lost in life. It's a very, very interesting spirit. There is three things work with it. One is an Antichrist spirit. Antichrist spirit works with it, and it's function is to break the flow of liberty, of life, of freedom; and to cause you to start to shut down on the inside, so that spirit resists the flow of the Holy Spirit. When we live and flow in the Holy Spirit, the anointing of the spirit flows, and so the flesh drives us, but the spirit flows. So when you're walking in God, and walking in the spirit, you can be relaxed about life and there's a flow to your life, there's a flow to your decision making, there's a flow in your relationship. There's a flow that comes out of your innermost being. God says in John 7 verses 38-39: out of your innermost being will flow rivers of living water; and He was speaking about the spirit.

So any time the flow from inside you is being choked up, you've got to address what's going on. Something is going on, so witchcraft, one of the things it will do is, to seek to shut down the flow of the Holy Ghost. Now you see why the Spirit Life Course can be helpful for you, because it helps you to strengthen your inner man, your spirit man, so you've got some strength inside when spiritual pressure comes on you. If you're weak, you can't stand up to much, so it doesn't take much to knock you back.

A second spirit that works with it is what's called the Power of Death, or a Spirit of Death. Spirit of Death will cause you to isolate and disconnect, and start to become alone. Loneliness comes around you when that is operating, and the other one is the power of hell, which fills you with fear and dreads and uncertainty. So these things all just work together. You can't separate them. All you have is a bad experience - something big has come up, you feel shut down on the inside, you start to feel a dread about what's going to happen; and then you have to make a decision. You can either stand up and fight, and bring it to the light; or you start to isolate and disconnect, and then you're on a downhill spiral. This is what happened to him.