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Witchcraft in Relationships

Mike Connell

Another kind - there's a whole range of different ways. If a person's feeling sorry for themselves, they come in and they walk up, they talk to you. Soon the energy, the flow of their spirit, soon what you'll feel is, as though you feel very sorry for this person, and you'll feel almost like you need to step in and help them. God hasn't told you to do it, but you're just being affected by the spiritual dimension around their life. So whatever's in our spirit flows. You get in a football match, everyone gets excited. The excitement fills the air, the atmosphere, so that's people's spirit, saved or unsaved there's a part of us actually affects the atmosphere round us. A person that carries peace in their heart, they're at peace inside, got the peace of God in them, you get around near them, you feel quite at peace with them. You feel the peace.

A person's anxious and uptight, some people can be so anxious and uptight; they walk into the room. The atmosphere begins to change in the room, and as they get there, you think: oh my God, what's about to happen! Hello - you are now resonating, and reflecting back the very thing that they're letting out. Once you begin to understand that, you realise how important it is to deal with your own stuff; then learn how to sense and recognise what others are carrying, and what others are bringing.

If a you go to a funeral, you find everyone's sad. They're all grieving, and even if you don't even know the person, suddenly you can feel tears, you start to feel sad. Why? Because you've been affected by the atmosphere there; so it helps us to understand, because we're designed as spirit beings, whatever's in our heart will flow out of our life. Whatever's in our spirit, will flow out of our life - fear, timidity, self-pity, uncleanness. You can't hide it. It flows. People feel it, and get affected by it.

You've got religious, got control, it'll all flow out some way. You're trying to manipulate someone, hey, they'll feel it. Now the problem is, on the other side is, we don't always recognise what we feel; and don't always know what we're going to do, what to do about it. When a person's got issues in their heart, say anger issues, what will happen is this. This is what they do. They begin to shift their focus off God, and begin to focus on the injustice. Once they focus on the injustice and the anger, this is what happens. The Bible says: now the light of the body is the eye, so whatever you focus on, you open your life to. So you start to focus on injustice, offence and anger, you know what will happen? Very soon you'll open your whole inner being to spirits; and so what will flow out of you is the injustice, the anger, the offense flows out; and people feel it.

So what do they feel? Well they feel a whole number of things. Here's what they feel: they feel a pressure on them - don't know what it is - until you pray. You can feel a pressure on you, and you feel agitated, don't know what it is; or you can feel shut down, like you're closing up inside, and you've got no idea why you're closing up. You can feel suddenly anxious and full of dread, and you've got no idea why you're full of dread. There's sort of like, something is about to happen, I don't know what it is, or it feels like you're on eggshells. Now what the person who's got the anger issue, has got the other issue; what they don't realise is they are releasing into the atmosphere.

You could sit there on your anger, you could sit there on your bitterness, you could sit there on your hate, and you will still fill the atmosphere with it! People will still feel oh! Don't go near! Something's on there! Then they will have changed their behaviour to accommodate you, and they've come under the spirit that's controlling you.

God spoke to - through the prophet - spoke to Saul, and said: Saul, rebellion is as witchcraft. Now the real word for rebellion is this. It's bitterness, bitterness. Bitterness is like witchcraft. Why is that? Because when a person's bitter in their heart, they have their own agenda they want to impose on people, and it's like witchcraft. It opens the door to the same spirit to come and pressure people. That's why it says: bitterness defiles people; because a person who's bitter will do this. They will seek to influence everyone around, to come into agreement with their bitterness, and it defiles us; so when in human relationships, we start to feel the pressure, that's not said, unspoken, it's in the atmosphere, you will then be under pressure what to do with it.