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Witchcraft in Relationships

Mike Connell

Jesus said: out of your innermost being - John 7:38-39 - shall flow rivers of living water; but he was speaking of the spirit. So what he does identify, is that you are designed to flow from your spirit; so your soul carries the same shape as your body, but your spirit is like an energy source. It's dynamic, there's a life flow; and what it does is, it flows out of you. People in the world call it 'sixth sense', or they might say you've got an 'aura' around you; or they say you give out certain 'vibes'. They're talking about the same thing. It is about the flow from your spirit.

Okay then, so we flow from inside. Now the first place the flow of your spirit is seen, is on your countenance; so for example in Genesis chapter 4, when Cain got angry, his countenance fell. So when you've got a turmoil inside your soul, when you've got anger or bitterness, resentment, unforgiveness, the first place the flow from within you is seen, is on your countenance.

In one of the Psalms, Psalm 43, it says: they looked to him, and were radiant; so when we spend time with God, and we're in the presence of God, and our heart is free and flowing, something comes up on our face, on our countenance. Ever seen pictures of Africa or India of unsaved people? There's a darkness there. Then you see the same people and they're saved, and they're now radiant, or bright or alive. So your spirit, whatever's in your heart will flow out of you; seen on your countenance; flows through and expressed through your words, and your body language, and your actions. Of course what happens is, you exert a spiritual influence on others; so for example if I'm preaching like this, and preaching to a group like this, and I'm flowing from my spirit, my spirit flows out and touches everyone right to the very end of the room.

If you, inside yourself, begin to react; or several begin to react, and start to arise and resist, I will feel it in my spirit. I'll literally feel the impact of your thoughts arising to push against me. I was in a church in Fiji, and I went to preach there. Everything that I put out, there was a resistance, because a religious spirit sat on everyone. A religious spirit is concerned about the form, looking good on the outside, but it's not authentic; so religious spirits, and religious people, are full of hypocrisy. They're one thing on the outside, but underneath it is completely different - hatred and bitterness, all kinds of things.

Now the thing is, what they think is, you can't tell; but actually if you're a spirit person, you can always tell. Why? Because when you open your heart to talk, connect and flow, there is a resistance or a wall. In this case, it pushes back on you; and the feeling you have after you've spoken, after you've engaged, is one of being deeply rejected. You've got no idea, because nothing bad was said. In fact in this particular case, in this particular meeting, no one said anything, but I felt this huge wall. It was actually like I was just talking into a brick wall, and there's all these people - notice they're in church. They come to hear God, come to listen to what God has to say, but the reality is such a religious spirit over them, it pushed back on me. I went home and had one of the worst nights I had ever, just total rejection come over me; and a desire to withdraw, isolate and just vanish, catch on a plane and go home.

I couldn't do that of course. I made a decision to step up and stand up. The Lord showed me how to address it; but the thing I want to draw to your attention is, whatever's in people flows out, and affects those around them. You can't hide it. It's just called spiritual realities, and so relationships, where there's love flowing out of the heart, through the words, through the body language and so on, will actually create an atmosphere of love around; and people feel your spirit, and feel what you carry.

So all of us flow out of our heart. How's it seen? It's seen in a number of ways. If someone is manifesting, or someone's got some kind of issue going around their life, usually you'll see it in a whole number of ways. You'll see it in the body language. The body will close up when the person inside has got a bad attitude, and you will literally feel the atmosphere around them change. If a person's sitting on anger, they may never say a word. You can feel anger fill the atmosphere. If a person is really excited, when you get with them, there's an energy begins to fill the atmosphere. You come away and you're really excited. If a person's got bitterness inside them, and you go near them, what will happen is, you'll begin to feel yourself becoming negative towards the church; leadership; people; this one and that one. Whatever they're bitter about, you will begin to feel a reaction. You'll start to find your thoughts becoming negative towards that person. This is a witchcraft spirit operating.