Five Loaves and Two Fish: Keys for Miracles

Mike Connell

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So what is your response normally; it's not my problem what's going on. It's not my problem what's happening in my neighbourhood, not my problem which is happening in the school, not my problem, not my problem. You are the problem - it's time to make a change, say: God, I want to engage and bring hope to people. What do you have that God could use? What is it that's in your life that God could use? What is it that you have that God could use, that you could put into practice? Do you have some kind of gift or something like that?

I was talking to one man - this is amazing - and God said to him: I want you to learn the guitar. He said: really? He said: yeah, I want you to learn and become a great - able to run a concert. He said: but that would take me years. He said: yeah, start to learn; and so he committed to learning, and then he was in Israel visiting, because he was living in Israel for part of the time. He said: God, how could I reach Israelis? The Lord said: why don't you go to a music shop? He went to a music shop, and he was in the music shop; and the Lord said: pick up the guitar and play it, so he picked it up and began to play it, and all these Hebrew boys started to gather round him. Do you know what they all said? Can you teach us how to play the guitar? He said: I would love to teach you how to play the guitar, and so now he's got a whole group of Hebrew kids in his home, teaching them how to play the guitar, while he talks to them about Yeshua Messiah. See, the guitar was the key.

What is it you've got? You've got something. You've got something. What do you have? If you don't know, go home and have a look, and think about it; and then make it available to God.

Father, we just thank you right now, for a growth and increase of miracles of the supernatural, of your hand working through our lives. Father, we pray for people here tonight, that hearts would be stirred to look again at the harvest, to look with compassion and begin to start to engage meaningfully, taking what we have and making it available to others. Listen, while our eyes are closed and heads are bowed, is there any person here right at the place where you want to receive Jesus, this would be a good place to do that? Your miracle could begin just very simply, by opening your heart to Jesus Christ. I'll just give one more opportunity tonight; if you're not a Christian, and want to receive Jesus, would you raise your hand right now?

I wonder how many people here tonight, and you know that God is speaking to you very strongly, to start to look around, look again at the community, you look again around you at the people there, and begin to look at what you have, and make it available. If you felt God speak to you that way, I want you to just raise your hand right now, just raise your - God bless, many hands going up right now. Won't you come up to the front, love to lay hands on you, just believe that God's power and presence to touch you, that God will make a way. God will make a way. Come quickly those who put their hands up, just come up, come up now. I want to believe with you, that God will create opportunities for you, that harvest will be ahead for you, harvest will be ahead for you, harvest of miracles, harvest of souls saved.

I've found it's not the cleverest people, it's just the one that says: God, well here, I don't have much, but I'm available, use me. Those are the ones that God seems to use, over and over and over again. Praise the Lord. Let's believe together for the supernatural to flow through your life, that there would be people touched by what you have to offer.