Five Loaves and Two Fish: Keys for Miracles

Mike Connell

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And so there's another very big church locally, and they got to hear about it, and they had a TV programme, so they interviewed her on the TV programme, and next thing you know, money starts to flow in. Within a short time, she had got the whole $30,000, and put the school up - even had the trip paid to go back there to open the school. Here she is, just a teenager.

Now all of those things we've seen in that story apply in that story - the need was immense; but you notice this: she got beyond herself, and was moved with compassion, and said: well I'll do something. I'll step out and engage, and you know, there are family after family after family of Indian people, Indian children that will benefit from her step of faith. With putting up a school, she's ensured now that multitudes of young people actually get an education, and get help. Isn't that amazing? Just one person - you notice she had to look beyond herself to the needs of others, let God touch her heart, and she had to take a step of faith; and you notice what Jesus said: you give them to eat.

So here's the next thing about a miracle; miracles require you do what you can do. See, there's a part that you can do. Now what she could do was, take her $200. I wonder what you could do, if you really meant to make something happen, and make a change. In other words, instead of looking how big all the problems are, say: what do I have, that I could make available to God, to meet the needs of people? Go and see. Go check out what you've got. Now you'll be surprised. For every one of us, we've got a testimony. Your testimony was never just for you - it's to help someone; and when you share your testimony, it starts to help people. Think about it. Think about it. What else do you have? If you have a home, you can open your home. If you have - there's so many ways that we can make what we have available. You've got to decide to use what you've got.

Now here's the interesting thing about God; He will take what you have, not what you don't have. Most of us we look at what we don't have. Jesus said: what have you got? Show me what's in your hand. Moses said: I've just got a shepherds rod. He said: that's okay, I'll deliver a nation with that; and He said to the poor widow lady: what have you got? Oh, I've got nothing - got a little a bit of bread, that's all, we've just got a little bit here, and I'm making the last meal for - He said: that'll do. We'll start with that. He went to another widow woman, He said: what have you got? Just got one little vase of a bit of oil. He said okay, start with that, get the empty vessels and pour it out. God always starts with what you have. He doesn't start with what you don't have.

Most people think I don't have anything I could give. You have got plenty! - compared to the rest of the world, you're a millionaire! You have got so much. The problem is not what you've got, the problem is in the heart. When I say, it's not my problem, and I don't engage, I'm a block to the miracle. God just says: take what you've got. Find what you're good at, and use what you're good at, or love to love people with - so what is it you love? Begin to develop what you love, and use it as a way of loving people. You'll enjoy it, and they will too, and God will get the glory - and you won't know what you can do, by just taking what you've got, and making it available for people. It's just what you love to do. Take what you love to do - that's what you've got. Well then start to use it to be a blessing to people. You'll be amazed what God can do.