Five Loaves and Two Fish: Keys for Miracles

Mike Connell

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So Jesus made them go and check what they've got. What do you have? Don't sit there moaning about what you don't have. When you moan about what you don't have, you'll never see a miracle. Say: what have I got? Let's start with that, and make that available. I remember we just started, and we had a little school home. We made it available for young people to come and gather in. You'd be amazed the number of people that got saved, and got delivered, got ministered to, in that place. I didn't know anything. I can remember when I got first started, and I didn't have a clue. I wasn't water baptised, didn't know the Bible. I said: I'll help. I'll make what I've got available, and I made what I had available - God started to use it. See, take what you've got, and make it available. Believe God could use what you have. That's how He says: make yourself available! Here I am!

I've watched various people over the years rise here, and almost all of them had this in common: they made themselves available to God. They made their home, their gift, their talent, whatever they had. It isn't much, just a little thing, but I'll make it available to God, and God says: that's the story. I just need you to take what you've got - not what you haven't got.

Here's the next thing: the miracles always require you speak, and act. Now always with a miracle, you've got to say something; and do something. I've never seen a miracle happen easily yet, that didn't require someone saying something, and doing something. Now what Jesus did here - and we'll just finish with this. He said: they found out we've got five loaves and two fish, so He told them - now notice this - He commanded them, to sit down in groups on the green grass, or in table big parties, in other words in groups, just to eat and have a meal. So the whole - can you imagine, 5,000 men, plus all the women, plus all the children? He said to them: tell them now, everyone's to sit down, and get ready for a feed. Now you've got to understand, what He's doing is, He's building anticipation, and expectation.

I've found miracles always require an expectation. Now you see the crowd didn't know He didn't have any food. They just know, He told them all to sit down, and get ready to eat; So naturally speaking, there weren't the resources for anything to happen, but what He did was build expectation; and He got the disciples above, He said: get them all organised, and get them sitting down in table parties, and tell them to say Grace. Now you can understand what's going in the disciples minds - they said: well, how on earth is this going to work? And then notice what else He did, He said: looking up to heaven, looking up to heaven - so number one, you've got to actually build expectation for a miracle. Usually you talk, and get things set, that's how it happens. You have to have expectation. Miracles always seem to come when there's expectation for them.

I've found in New Zealand, often there's very low expectation for God to do things, and that's part of the reason you don't see quite the same moves of God that you do in other places; but I've noticed that when we have seminars, and people come with great expectation, that lots happens. It's always connected to expectation - so He built expectation.

Second thing He did was, very simply this: He looked up to heaven. You've got to look to the source. The word look, means to gain your sight again; or in other words for example - I'll just pick someone out just to pray for - here we go, you'll do. Would you come and just let me pray for you? Now if I look at the need - well there's a need for me to come through, there's a need for me to have word for her. Immediately I just don't know what to do, because I haven't got anything, not one little bit. So if I look at the need, my heart will shut down with fear, and my thinking won't be right. Now what Jesus did with this, the Bible says: He looked up to heaven. Now it doesn't mean He went like this [Laughter] no, he didn't do that. Now what it means is this; it means, in His heart, He looked to the source. He looked into the kingdom. He looked into where God can meet every need; and when He looked in, and became aware of the source, then immediately the miracle [exhales] starts to happen - the power of God starts to come and flow. Miracles start to come when you look to the source, and I have learned in flowing with the things of the spirit, keep your eyes on the source, so let me just look and see what God is wanting to say to you.