Five Loaves and Two Fish: Keys for Miracles

Mike Connell

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Well, what I see is generosity is in your life, generosity and compassion. You're an extremely generous person, and you have got a passion growing in your heart. It's been growing now for some time to help people, just to help people who are in desperate need. This whole area of compassion has been growing. Tonight something's been resonating in your spirit, when I talked about compassion to see people, because you see people differently to where a lot of other people do. You've had something you've been praying, God has touched your heart, and there's been a rising compassion for people, and a desire to help people, and you just - you just did something recently didn't you? You just went and cut your hair off? [Yeah] Well isn't that amazing. Who would have thought of doing that? How much did you raise cutting your hair off? [$1,090] A thousand-and-ninety dollars for - what did you raise it for? ... [For Leprosy Mission.] ... For Leprosy Mission, how 'bout that! ... [Applause.] ... Leprosy Mission, $1,090 and what did you have? Your hair. Now how about that? That was worth $1,090 - that actually meant an awful lot to some lepers. See $1,000 may not be a lot in New Zealand; but to people who are in a Leprosy Mission, and they're desperate, $1,000 is a lot of money. It supports you, 50,000 rupees, 30,000 rupees - oh, my accountant has quickly calculated 30,000 rupees. [Laughs] Does that take into account the commission? [Laughter] and the tax? Oh, praise - well you see isn't that amazing? But anyway, I better get back to the prophetic word - so God's saying that there's been a compassion that's been growing in your life, and this first project was like your first major step out, but God says there's other projects. He said: what you raised this time, you will multiply at other times. God is going to then cause significant favour - you just said: I want to do something, you took what you had, and did it; and God has done a miracle. I tell you what, God's going to do much, much more.

As you close your eyes, the presence of God is going to come on you - there it is right now. Thank you Lord right now, Holy Ghost come on in. Now. Isn't that wonderful? [Applause] So all miracles, you have to look to the source, the supernatural, where God can supply. Then it said of Jesus: He took the bread; and it said: He blessed it; or He spoke over it. Normally when miracles happen, you have to speak something. You have to speak over your circumstances, speak over the hair, speak over whatever it is you're doing, speak over - you've got to speak blessing over it. This will increase. This will grow. I decree growth. I decree enlargement. I decree my class shall open their hearts to the Lord. I speak, my workmates shall come to Christ. You've got to actually speak something. Jesus said: have the faith of God, if you'll speak to the mountain: be removed.

Look at the miracles that happen. They spoke something. He said with a loud voice: raise up! There's always someone who's got to give voice to God's plan to do something, and then they have to act, so isn't it interesting. First He built expectation; got them all in crowds ready to have a meal. Secondly, He took what they had; thirdly, He looked up to the source that could make this have impact; and the next thing He did was, He spoke over it; He blessed it, or spoke positive creative words over it. Then He said: now go do something with it, and you notice this; the bread never multiplied until they took it, and started to give it out. It was in the actual giving out, that the miracle happened.