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Empty Words (3 of 12)

Mike Connell

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It's interesting that Jesus actually ran His whole life that way. He said the things I hear the Father say, I say those things. The things I see the Father doing, that's what I do - so His life on earth was a reflection of imitating His Father, and that why He was able to say, if you've seen Me, you've seen My Dad. You've seen God the Father, you've seen what God is like. I'm reflecting Him completely. Now we are called and designed to represent God in the earth. We're designed to be His ambassadors, to be His sons and daughters, to reflect in the earth what He's like, so therefore, we are called to operate in the world like God operates. Now there's many ways He operates, but I wanted to pick up one particular thing and this is about the use of words. I want to give you three uses of words, three ways that God uses words and we should imitate those ways, okay?

Here's the first one. God uses words to create things. Hebrews 11, Verse 3, says by faith, we understand the worlds were framed by the word of God, so the things that are seen came from things that were not seen. Now that's a hard thing for a western-minded person to think. We think of building of house. Then we think of the materials, we think of the construction, the foundation, we think of things we can see, but everything that you see around you which is visible came into being this way; the spirit of God was moving, and the word of God was spoken, let there be, and things were created. In other words, the things you see, were created by words coming out of the heart of God, and God still operates that way. When God speaks words, the words have creative power to bring something into existence that wasn't there before. Now that's a real problem for us, especially if you're an evolutionist. You'll have a lot of trouble with that.

But God does it. He creates new things by speaking His word. That's how things work, so it says we understand the words were framed. In other words they were established or brought into being, or they were designed and brought forth so we can see them. How were they done? By the word God spoke. So that tells us that the first words that God is recorded to have said in the Bible were creative words. Let there be! - and there was. We go, well that's God. Okay, we'll just take it a little further then, because your words are creating something too. Your words create an atmosphere in your home. Your words create the relationships you have around you. When you come up and you stand up here at an altar, and you speak words, you create a marriage bond, and you're committed for life.

When you want to build a building, you'll always start off with the dream, and you'll put it into words. You're never going to get a building built if you don't speak words, so even without spirit creativity, words are still used to bring new things into existence. If you want to bring something new into existence, you have to first have the dream, but somehow you've got to speak and communicate it. Now God's way is even at a different level, He can speak, and it supernaturally is created. So we realise then that Jesus did exactly the same thing. Think about it. Jesus spoke into bread, and it says He blessed the bread, or He spoke words over it, and it multiplied. How do you figure that one?

If He hadn't spoken any words, they'd all go hungry for lunch. He was able to release creative power. He released it in a whole number of ways. He spoke creatively into situations. He spoke into the environment. He spoke into diseases. He spoke in a whole range of things, but the way things are brought into being, creative miracles come when the spirit of God is moving, and someone speaks a word. Now God is wanting us to imitate Him, so if we want to bring forth God's design in our life we must know it, and see it, and then speak it from our spirit. Now a lot of people don't understand that, so they remain like this: oh God, please change me. I bet you've been praying that prayer a long, long time and you will be continuing to pray it a long, long time because that's not how you bring about change.