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Empty Words (3 of 12)

Mike Connell

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You don't bring it about by saying please God, change me. The Bible says very clearly how change comes about. It comes about when we change how we think, change what we believe and change what we say. According to your faith, let it be done to you - so if I know what God has done in my life with the new birth, and I begin to declare that, and I begin to confess it, and I begin to decree it over my life, my circumstances in life will begin to adjust to agree with the words I'm speaking. You see, I can feel the struggle we have with it see, because we only think of things being constructed by something we can see. If you're a builder, you know you've got to get some four-by-twos and some other stuff, put it together, I can make something, but we don't think of designing things by the words of God being spoken out of our mouth. But we must get into that. That's how Jesus operated.

He spoke into people's bodies, and there were creative miracles, in other words limbs restored, eyes restored where there were none before. How did it happen? The spirit of God moving. He heard what the Father wanted to say, He said it, and something changed. That's how we're designed to operate. Is God seeking to change you to become like Christ? You just begin to operate the same way - and we'll get on to how to do that in another session, but I want to just get these seeds laid out in your heart.

Here's the second thing about the words that God speaks. The words God speaks impart life. In other words, when God speaks, He will always speak in such a way, that there is an impartation into you, of life. That means you'll be encouraged. It means you'll be built up, or if He convinces you of sin, it's not to put you down or condemn you. It's to show you what needs to change, so you can come into life, so there's still words of life. In John 6:63 Jesus said the words I speak, they are spirit. See, they are spirit, and they are life. So He said, I don't just speak words that are nothing. He said words I speak actually have a spirit nature about them, because I'm in the image of God, and so He says I speak words, and there's a spirit content in them, and wherever they go they bring life into people. That's how we're designed to operate. You're designed as a spirit being, to be able to speak God's words, the words God gives you into a situation, and it changes and it turns, and it begins to become like what you've said. This is a new thing for many people, but it's actually how we're designed to operate see. Think about it.

See, Jesus spoke to a withered hand. A man had a withered hand in Mark, Chapter 3. Jesus said this, now this is what He just said. He just spoke a command. He said stretch! That's pretty mean to tell a crippled man to stretch. Unless your words are spirit, and have life [grunt], and there was power released. He spoke. See, Jesus spoke. Whenever He spoke, He released something. Something happened when He spoke. This is why we're going through this process of looking about words which are destructive, so you wake up and stop saying that kind of word, and begin to position yourself where you can say words that change environments, change circumstance, bring life into people. There's no situation ever recorded where Jesus put anyone down.

A put down word, is a word releasing the spirit of murder and death into someone. That's why when someone puts you down, you always feel afterwards downed on the inside. You don't feel alive and built up and lifted up. You actually got hit by something. Have you noticed you get around some people, and after you've been around them, you are down? They are releasing a spirit of murder, which steals away your life, because before you were talking to them you were doing just fine, and after you were talking to them, you're downed. They stole away your life. That's what murder is. So people can release a spirit against you without even knowing, and two people get talking, come into agreement, it'll come against you, and you'll feel it, and you can't work out why you feel down. But a spirit has been released from the spirit world to come against you and to begin to press on you and drain your life out, see?