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Empty Words (3 of 12)

Mike Connell

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Jesus spoke to winds, they changed. He spoke to storms, they changed. He spoke to dead men, and they rose up. His words carried substance. You say oh well, you know I'm not like that. Well listen, maybe that's big brother, but you're called to be like big brother, so start off now, doing the right things. Copy big brother, start to speak the right kind of words, speak words that live. Okay then, so we got the idea of how we're designed.

So Jesus said this, in case you didn't realise this, John 14:12, the works I do, he that believes in me, the works I do, he will do also, so if you believe in Jesus, the things He did spoke to things, you'll do them also. If you're not doing them, it's because you don't believe it'll work, and one of the reasons we don't believe it works, is because our experience with our words is they're not very good words. They're often deceptive words, or dishonest words, or gossipy words, or as we'll see in a moment empty words. Listen, if I become aware of the capacity I have, with the words I speak, to change my environment, I'm going to be careful what I say. I'm going to ask the Holy Ghost to pull me up every moment I speak a word that's empty or deceptive or dishonest or gossipy or negative or whatever. Holy Ghost, pull me up on that, immediately show me. I'm not going to have that flowing out of my heart. My heart is going to speak out of my mouth, words that change atmospheres, bring life, create things.

Long before I saw miracles actually present, I was seeing them and speaking them, see? I was in my prayer room speaking them, declaring it shall be this, see? Long before I ever saw them happen, I saw them with my mind and imagination, agreed with the word of God, and declared it would be so. So you are creating by your words and your meditations of your heart, your future. That's why we need to be guarding what we say. I'll get on to different kinds of words next week, and then we'll get onto how to just release things. See, Jesus said, have the faith of God, Mark 11:22, if you will speak to this mountain, be moved. Now you see most people, when they've got a problem, you know what they do? They talk about their problem. Then they'll ring someone up, and talk to them about their problem. They come to the cell group, and talk about their problem. They come up in altar call, and they're still talking about their problem. They have not moved into a position where it will change, because they're not talking solution.

I need to speak to the problem, not talk about it. I need to command it to be diminished! I need to command the spirits that energise it to go in Jesus' name! I need to declare what God says, blessing into this area. Long before I see a result, I've got to do that. Okay then, so let's have a look at Matthew, Chapter 12. Let's go back, I want to pick up this thing of idle words. Okay, are we getting the idea how God intends you to use your tongue, how He intends you? We'll go back into that area. I just want to pick up this thing of idle words, Matthew, Chapter 12, Verse 34. A good man, out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. A good man, out of the good treasure of his heart, brings forth good things, and an evil man, out of the evil treasure, brings forth evil things. I say to you, every idle word men speak, they will give account of it in the day of judgment, for by your words you will be justified, by your words you'll be condemned. Isn't it interesting? The words you speak reveal who you are. The words you speak, reveal the kind of person you are.