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Empty Words (3 of 12)

Mike Connell

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Spirit of death. What does the spirit of death do? When we tend to think of death, we tend to think oh, there's a body, he's gone, but death means a separation, to become isolated, or to become cut off relationally, is death. See, the wages of sin is death. It means we're cut off relationally, so when people speak words that down you, when people speak words that lie to you, they release a spirit of death. Why? Because when you find out, or you feel those words, what happens is you become separated from that person. Someone puts you down, you want to move away from them. Someone lies to you, you feel wounded inside, and you want to move away from them. You're alienated from them. Someone gossips about you, or slanders you, again it releases a spirit of murder and death. It releases something, and when you find out about it, you are wounded and hurt, and then you withdraw from them. That's the very symptoms of murder and death. There's a spirit come against you.

Now you and I are responsible. We are called to be ambassadors of Christ, to use our mouth, our creative faculty to bring words that change how people are. You every day could go round and speak words of encouragement to people. Sincere words of genuine encouragement will make people's faces light up, and their day a happy day. It's such a contrast. Most people go around complaining, they're negative, they're impatient, they demand things of people that are serving them. But when you go, and you begin to encourage and lift up and speak well, something changes. You release or you give permission for the spirit of God to touch their life. What an amazing thing - so God's words; one, they're creative; two, they speak life. What are your words like?

Here's another thing about God's words. The words that God speaks, release power and authority. They release spiritual power and authority. In Luke, Chapter 4, Verse 36, Jesus has just cast out a demon. How did He get rid of a demon? Words. They said what word is this! They realised it was His words. What kind of words does this man speak, for He speaks with authority, and He speaks with power, even the demons listen to His words, and do what His words say. Don't ever complain you've got demons harassing you, when within you is the power to confront them and drive them away. It's just you're not using it. You're probably using it to attract them. You speak negativity and death, and speak pessimistically, and won't use your mouth the way God designed your mouth to be used, to glorify Him, to honour Him, to bring His life into the earth. Well it's not surprising demons hang around, and if they're hanging around, you have to understand this. God gave you the capacity to deal with them. If they're hanging around, it's because you didn't deal with them, and that's probably because you didn't get into your heart an understanding of the power of your words, and the privilege you have as a son, a daughter of the living God to dismiss these demons, get rid of them. If they're there, you let them be there. Do something different - use your mouth. See? Use your mouth differently.

Okay, see, so words of life, so Jesus' words released power. In other words, ever heard this statement: his words carry weight, or he's a man of his word, see? That means, the words had something in them that's substantial. If he's a man of his word, means what he says, he'll do. I like that. God's like that. He watches over His word to do it, see. Jesus' words carried substance. I've heard people shout at demons, shout until their voice is hoarse. He said listen, you can shout all you like, no demon's going to shift through shouting. They will shift when you believe in your heart the authority Jesus has given you, and as His representative, you speak with belief. Your words carry your spirit, and carry faith. According to your faith, it'll be done to you.