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Anwar Fazel (4 sermons) anwar Anwar Fazel 5-Aug-12
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Anointing and Authority (1 of 3) 恩膏与权威 (1 of 3) 106466450 W6jSmi66N5U Mike Connell 18-Jun-14
Building a House for His Presence 91209233 Jsg69g4T-Mo Norm McLeod 23-Mar-14
Conquering Change 87423232 0MF4NbAVgCE Doug Li 23-Feb-14
Our Perspective vs Gods Perspective 87377166 8LIT1BpcsWc Dustin Smith 16-Feb-14
The Works of God 87423231 MTQtyKoTT0A Dave Connell 9-Feb-14
Managing the Journey of Change 85651156 fpvKKR5XOtg Mike Connell 2-Feb-14
Legacy (1 of 4) 85157980 fVUw1B5bbf0 Mike Connell 26-Jan-14
Position out thinking to engage todays culture 84537068 g5H4DgDKqTE Dave Connell 19-Jan-14
Deliverance, Healing & Personal Responsibility 85349765 AR56geow3V4 Mike Connell 14-Jan-14
There is no lack in Christ 84344220 oBPNMDLSnog Mike Connell 12-Jan-14
Go Forward in 2014 84335543 P5TQ1DqOSDA Mike Connell 5-Jan-14
The God of TurnArounds 84335907 8RlTicj38jY Mike Connell 29-Dec-13
Christmas Message 84332318 UO-pKFEQkYQ Mike Connell 15-Dec-13
Living with Gods Perspective 84335678 gVht1ShkYDE Mike Connell 15-Dec-13
Celebrate what the Lord has done 84332282 y3qB-MWysz8 Mike Connell 8-Dec-13
Bringing Heaven to Earth 84252023 Zn2cNDv6FTs Mike Connell 1-Dec-13
The Challenge of Change 84252334 c-6-C2Kdz_c Mike Connell 24-Nov-13
When God does a New Thing 84238426 Brother G... 17-Nov-13
Gateway Trip 84238592 Suz Hall 27-Oct-13
Mission Field (Thailand) 79588610 QwD9TZEzhqI Susan Seager 20-Oct-13
Stand Fast in the Faith 79630557 e1bxnhkgxlA Brydon Ni... 13-Oct-13
Freedom from Generational Iniquity & Curses (1 ... 从世代遗传的罪恶和咒诅中得自由 77591158 UFQ5jNQ0RGQ Mike Connell 3-Oct-13
Be of Good Courage 76528572 8yPj6RldUe4 Bryan Greig 15-Sep-13
Foundations of Deliverance (1 of 9) 釋放的基礎 75382520 1X6W7i06lt8 Mike Connell 13-Sep-13
Ministering Deliverance for Leaders (1 of 8) 如何到部长驱邪(领导人) (1 of 8) 75192800 1sZ6gUWSJ88 Mike Connell 10-Sep-13
Fathers Day 2013 SH6PkBiKvo4 Mike Connell 1-Sep-13
Lessons learned on the Journey 76527294 J-uzCS7p8Ug Mike Connell 18-Aug-13
Holy Spirit and Life Changing Power 圣灵和改变生活的动力 75187615 jyiklDkR0Cg Mike Connell 4-Aug-13
The Rest that Faith Brings 102719319 ZaRepg5PlEo Mike Connell 7-Jul-13
Getting Filled with the Holy Ghost 102718053 A0L0gaOsXxE Mike Connell 6-Jul-13
The Rest of Faith (1 of 4) 70023527 4KUQeC5V91M Mike Connell 16-Jun-13
Achieving Balance in Seasons of Uncertainty 70564051 lRLh_u9AuZk Vaughan W... 9-Jun-13
His Great Love 76527653 LKJgcJNttsA Bryan Greig 2-Jun-13
Deliverance and Healing Heart (1 of 5) 拯救和治疗心 70023529 rmtNFJTO2qI Mike Connell 21-May-13
Pentecost - Fresh Filling of the Holy Ghost 68215766 UkW5iiLDES4 Mike Connell 19-May-13
Mothers Day 2013 68233976 ZFeLsNRnXII Mike Connell 12-May-13
The Comfort of the Scriptures (1 of 3) 70023528 p2szJouUoYQ Mike Connell 21-Apr-13
Occupying the Promises of God 78169994 8MTjrTbXTlA Vaughan W... 7-Apr-13
The Power of the Resurrection (Easter 2013) 72642101 WELvO2KU4NU Mike Connell 31-Mar-13
The Power of Gods Word 69144774 yzT_ZSMbovQ Mike Connell 24-Mar-13
The Steps of a Good Man 68670074 g8foTe7s3cI Mike Connell 10-Mar-13
Resurrection Day 70562437 qLa3FEqI-fc Kem Price 3-Mar-13
The Apostolic Mandate (1 of 6) 59558433 MBbhr4qCrOg Mike Connell 11-Feb-13
Who is Jesus (1 of 4) Revelations 68227952 nvCMdCik4iE Mike Connell 3-Feb-13
Baptism of the Holy Spirit 68255542 oB0CG6WFM1U Vaughan W... 27-Jan-13
Deliverance and Healing 72649867 dUpNdWK22Rg Mike Connell 26-Jan-13
14. Jesus Gives Hope to a Widow 57782994 Mike Connell 26-Jan-13
13. How Demons Gain Legal Right (2 of 2) 57782993 Mike Connell 19-Jan-13
12. How Demons Gain Legal Right (1 of 2) 57782991 Mike Connell 12-Jan-13
Frame your World by the Word of God 72642104 PcH-xJgkbBQ Mike Connell 6-Jan-13