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Overcoming Injustice atbH51PoppA Mike Connell 29-Aug-21
A Church Awake byLa6q03rAE Jacinda G... 15-Aug-21
Shes on Fire duH-1QA7qR8 Jacinda G... 13-Aug-21
Phillip and the Eunuch n4WVWVnlHok Shane Wil... 25-Jul-21
The Wrath of God hoe04iwS1D4 Shane Wil... 24-Jul-21
God Rewards Faithful Service nDgBlKGXBfs Mike Connell 4-Jul-21
The Fire In You DlCreHvtPw4 Dave Connell 2-May-21
Don't Curse Your Crisis n_EegwQeAR0 Dave Connell 25-Apr-21
Remember (Easter Service) i9sHpag9YFs Kate Connell 4-Apr-21
Jesus Ministry & Deliverance (1 of 16) iWeMf8bjtuU Mike Connell 3-Apr-21
Ian Wright kaAygtz7kNE Ian Wright 21-Mar-21
Digging Wells of Family Legacy O_DABo7Sc6c Mike Connell 14-Mar-21
Alfred Ngaro wVYHhBHSBes Alfred Ngaro 7-Mar-21
Vision Sunday 1VOrlm_gcSk Dave Connell 28-Feb-21
Breaking Strongholds - Healthy Marriages GrzV0-Buddo Mike Connell 24-Feb-21
Open the Wells of Life MsvcgCh_ArE Mike Connell 21-Feb-21
Authority esoc1RIIzIw Dave Connell 11-Feb-21
Seeds of Revival _OEI0mWOmkI Peter Ker... 7-Feb-21
Prayer and Fasting J_lVfDbQMsY Dave Connell 31-Jan-21
Slaying Giants 0fyC_69AhzY Kate Connell 17-Jan-21
Mike Connell & Brent Douglas (1 of 11) HDFFG7IxTc4 Mike Connell 6-Jan-21
New Beginnings MtPCFbbtSYA Mike Connell 3-Jan-21
Power to Change 4SYSRz0EcN0 Dave Connell 27-Dec-20
The Wise and Foolish Servant bmY3nqc1NPE Mike Connell 27-Dec-20
Warrior King lfjjbN58ykE Mike Connell 20-Dec-20
Keys to being led by the Holy Spirit DHNqI7CcVC0 Mike Connell 29-Nov-20
A Starting Point for Sonship vrQM4possQc Dave Connell 1-Nov-20
Tempted MEt8MRqNBiA Kerry Rob... 25-Oct-20
There is a Fourth Man in the Fire rwK6dW3683g Kate Connell 18-Oct-20
Stand for Righteousness 08E39rDR7yA Dave Connell 13-Oct-20
Awaken and Stand yPd4Kj1tmoE Dave Connell 27-Sep-20
Of Relationships: Covenant & Love vPR615xWq_U Dave Connell 13-Sep-20
Hold On, Hold Fast hMZMj-Fsz_s Dave Connell 6-Sep-20
Celebrating 50 years hR9pPJgwDB8 Mike Connell 31-Aug-20
No Longer I cNgX4QW0r-4 Kate Connell 27-Aug-20
Understand our Assignment in Life mF5dWwgeDWs Dave Connell 16-Aug-20
Prosperity, Moving Forward FCnq-uuuIss Dave Connell 2-Aug-20
Called By God 6B53Qif5l3c Dave Connell 29-Jul-20
The Kingdom of God m_6tUrstBQQ Michael N... 19-Jul-20
Will You Be Ready? LNZ76unJmUU Dave Connell 12-Jul-20
Overcoming the Spirit of Injustice sAOwUlWO4fs Mike Connell 22-Jun-20
Signs of the Coming of Jesus (1 of 3) Kz1eyuZRbY0 Mike Connell 21-Jun-20
Running with Horses KM8ybbYceKM Dave Connell 14-Jun-20
Oil of Intimacy Bgmr-nDuu3c Mike Connell 4-Jun-20
Pentecost Sunday pvYQNTAz9bI Dave Connell 31-May-20
Investing Your Time YM0tJLPtYJo Mike Connell 24-May-20
The Prophet and the Prostitute uc54ihYKj28 Kate Connell 10-May-20
Intimacy with Jesus t7TwoWWKT5c Mike Connell 3-May-20
Parable of the Ten Virgins IhHPKaJrkUY Mike Connell 3-May-20
Dave Connell RnJMLob0WQo Dave Connell 26-Apr-20