Foundation of Faith

Foundation of Faith

Sun 28 Nov 2010 PM

Brief Profile
Brent Douglas is the Senior Leader of Encounter Christian Centre. He and his wife Patricia have led this church for the past 25years. Over the years, Brent has travelled extensively through out the country doing Praise and Worship seminars with the emphasis on moving in the anointing. In 1993 the move of the Holy Spirit impacted Encounter Christian Centre to such a degree that Brent travels nationally and internationally releasing the power of the Holy Spirit to other churches. He is also instrumental in gathering pastors and leaders together to support, motivate and teach them to move in the power of Spirit.

Senior Leader Encounter Christian Centre
Brent Douglas is the senior leader of Encounter Christian Centre, a church situated in Auckland, New Zealand. He was appointed Senior Leader in 1984 and has effectively led the congregation through many phases of expansion as the church has steadily grown under his leadership. Encounter Christian Centre has a particular desire to see the Holy Spirit released in national renewal and revival and is well known for its effective ministry to young people, Pastors and leaders.

Apostolic Role
Brent functions in the role of an apostolic and prophetic ministry conducting renewal, prophetic and evangelistic meetings to facilitate the building of local churches both nationally and internationally. Of particular note, Brent runs support days for senior pastors across the denominations to bring encouragement and equipping. Brent also functions as the Senior Leader within the leadership team of the Network of Christian Ministries New Zealand; an organization whose purpose is to strengthen relationships between Christian ministry and churches throughout New Zealand.

Ministry Characteristics
Brent moves strongly in the prophetic; his ministry being characterized by signs and wonders, deliverance and renewal. He is used frequently to assist churches in their growth strategies with particular emphasis on helping them to 'break into the next level'.

Personal Profile
Brent and Patricia have been married for over 30 years. They have a mature family of five children who are all involved in Encounter Christian Centre. Patricia is a speaker in her own right and her oversight of Encounter Music has enabled five recordings of original Praise and Worship to be published. She has also administrated a number of major outreach projects impacting the lives of many young people in New Zealand.