Sun 5 Dec 2010

A Christian perspective is offered on the hugely popular fictional Twilight series, discussing its roots in both the Occult and also the Mormon religion, and the potential effects that this type of "chick-porn" can have on real world relationships.
Audio Transcript
I want to speak tonight on Twilight, and I want to just open our eyes a little bit to gain understanding on it. I want to first of all just set a bit of a context like I did - how many enjoyed the message I did on tattoos, opened their eyes on tattoos? So I want to pick up with the same kind of slant on it. I don't want to be into: forbid people to do this, forbid people to do that, and bring people under the law. That's not really what we want to do. I want you to have understanding so you can make choices, and choices we make determine our destiny. You don't just suddenly arrive anywhere. You make a lot of little choices on the way, and as a result you arrive where you've directed your life to go.

I want you to look with me in Acts, Chapter 2. In there is an outpouring of the Holy Ghost, and we're still in that outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Notice what Peter says, as he describes the outpouring the spirit of God. He speaks prophetically some things. This is that which is spoken of by the prophet Joel. It shall come to pass in the last days - that's when this happened, until now and beyond. The last days, we're in the last days - I will pour out my spirit on all flesh. Now notice what he says: your sons and daughters shall prophesy, young men shall see visions, old men shall dream dreams. On my man servants and maid servants I'll pour out my spirit. In those days they shall prophesy. I will show wonders in heaven above, and signs in the earth beneath.

So we see here God prophetically declares, that in the times of the New Testament Church until the time we're living in, and in an increase - I believe an increasing, accelerating pace, we're going to see more and more of the supernatural. There is a hunger for the supernatural. You are in a generation called to flow in the spirit and power of God. When we were in early days as a Pastor, it was the only gifts of the spirit we saw in any consistency, was the gift of prophecy, but now gifts of the spirits flow readily. Miracles happen readily. I'm hearing of miracles in the church, miracles people prayed. Some were sitting in the church just last week, they came in with pain in their feet. They'd damaged their heel for some long time, just suddenly woke up the next day, totally healed. Miracles are happening. We are in a river of God's spirit.

Now that river of God's spirit is to go to people, and draw them to encounters with God, so you and I are called to carry the spirit of God, and bring people to encounter, so you are called to flow in the things of the supernatural. Now there are principles upon which it bases, and which it operates, so corresponding to the church being called to arise, and to flow in the supernatural, there is an immense awakening of hunger everywhere in the world for the supernatural. Hollywood is pumping it out and making mega bucks on it. Anything that's got supernatural in it, is a seller. About a year ago or two years ago I picked that after the vampire thing had run a bit of its course the next thing that would be out would be werewolves. Sure enough they're out there, and they're starting to make movies about werewolves. There is a fascination with this realm of the spirit, and we need to understand that the realm of the spirit operates on spiritual laws.

So if we violate the laws of God, we can find ourselves connected to the occult realm, and not even know it. What that does is it sabotages the life of a person who's passionate to serve God. You are called, not to an ordinary life, you are called to a life passionate for Jesus Christ, passionate for advancing the kingdom of God, and so what you don't want is baggage around your life, that stops you running your course, finishing your race. You don't want to be a half-baked, half-hearted Christian. You want to be passionate, on fire, God's speaking to you, God's working through you. You experience the joy, the life, of fulfilling your destiny, so at the same time that God is raising up such a generation, at the same time there are many, many subtle entanglements coming, and their goal is to compromise your life, to cause you to get involved in things that take away your passion for God, and your love for His presence. So some of the things like we talked about the tattoos, we opened up and showed you the occult realm, and the occult dimension, and how you actually open up your life into the occult realm through the taking of tattoos.

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