Leaders Meeting

Leaders Meeting

Sat 19 Jun 2010

In 1991 Norm and Jess and their family moved from Oamaru to plant a Church in Gisborne a city of 30,000. They immediately experienced revival and signs and wonders which saw the Church grow with new converts from a morning attendance of 31 to 500 within 4 years. Today the Church is making a powerful spiritual, social, cultural and economic kingdom impact in their city. Since then House of Breakthrough has sent out dozens of healing ministries and cultural ministries throughout the nation and the world as well as plant Churches in NZ and India.

Pastor Norm came from a radical background of motorcycles, drugs alcohol and violence and martial arts. When he encountered Christ his radical personality carried on over into the Kingdom. He was born again and trained in the power of the supernatural presence of Christ and continually sees Christ perform miracles, signs and wonders that turn people to Christ in their thousands on the local, national and international fields of service. He is gifted to help awaken empower and deploy Gods people to minister in the character and supernatural power of God.

Testimony: http://www.wewrestle.tv/hope/story-norm-mcleod

Pastor Jess: While Norm launched the Apostolic, prophetic and evangelistic ministries of the Church Jess launched the children’s ministry, the women’s ministries and much of the pastoral and administrative ministries of the Church. Consequentially she has a large range of experience and wisdom on these topics. Her mentoring women’s training programs have raised up strong gifted women and women leaders. Jessie’s gift of exhortation comes through her preaching in powerful ways which has led to remarkable healings and breakthrough in the lives of many.