Question & Answer - Deliverance (9 of 9)

问题和答案 - 驱邪Question & Answer - Deliverance (9 of 9)

Mon 16 Sep 2013 (Chinese/English) Hsin Tien Covenant Church, Taiwan, Taipei

We are encouraged in ministry when situations seem not work out as we expect, for instance when someone won’t listen, they run away or manifest loudly without cooperating. This session also outlines the structure of the demonic world, their hierarchy, and where demons can go legally after they have been cast out. We are encouraged that when Jesus returns again that for a period of time the demonic influence will be restrained. During or before taking part in the ministry of deliverance we must be prepared for a spiritual battle which will take its toll on our emotions, relationships and bodies so we need to pray, mediate and steadfastly refuse to come under demonic attack!
Keywords: Non responsive, manifesting, non cooperation, confront, authority, respect, relationship, spiritual battle, spiritual conflict, condemnation, rest, bonded, connected