(01 of 14) The Role of the Holy Spirit

圣灵的作用(01 of 14) The Role of the Holy Spirit

Mon 13 Jun 2011 (Chinese/English) City Harvest, Jurong West Church, Singapore

Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil and to reveal what God is like. Comparing the Kingdom of God which is of light and truth to the Kingdom of Darkness with is hidden and secretive. Jesus modelled to us the three part ministry of a believer to preach the gospel to the poor in spirit, healing the broken hearted and bringing liberty to the captives. Deliverance is just one part of a journey to bring people into their destiny.

Ministry from 24:00 to 32:00
Keywords: Kingdom of God, Kingdom of Darkness, Assignment, Oppression, Preach the Gospel, Heal the Broken Hearted, Liberty to the Captives, Spirit, Authority, Power, Sensitivity, Faith