Celebrating 50 years

Celebrating 50 years

Mon 31 Aug 2020 AM

Our journey of 50 years marriage has been a deepening friendship with one another and with Jesus.

By building a strong foundation of commitment to Christ that began in our wedding service, we have experienced the favour and blessing of God.

Our journey began with broken and wounded hearts, and we have seen Jesus move to heal, deliver and restore and empower us to build a legacy that is inter-generational, and internationally impacting multitudes.

So often we see the visible success of others but are unaware of the decisions and choices that were made over a period of time. Powerful keys to the lifestyle we chose and keep choosing are shared in this message.
Sermon Notes
Keywords: Golden Jubilee, wedding anniversary, relationships, honour, encounters with Jesus, truth encounter, power encounter, decisions, choices, Priorities, repentance, altar, commitment, faithfulness, worship