Abundant Entrance to the Kingdom (11 of 12)

Abundant Entrance to the Kingdom (11 of 12)

Fri 11 Sep 2020 AM

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In 2 Peter 1, Peter describes the necessity of personal transformation and fruit-bearing in the life of the believer.

Peter shares his revelation of Christ coming in majesty to rule and reign, and the necessity of the believer to be diligent in adding to their foundational faith the character qualities of Christ.

Believers who neglect to commit to personal growth, Peter describes as barren, unfruitful, blind, shortsighted, and forgetful of the work and calling of Christ.

Personal growth, heart and character transformation ensure we will never fall, will be fruitful and stable, and will have an abundant entrance into the Coming Kingdom of God.
Sermon Notes
Keywords: Abundant entrance, entrance, Kingdom, eternal purpose, conformed, Conformed to Christ, transformation,heart journey, character, Diligence, add to your faith, spiritual growth, virtue, knowledge, Temperance, patience, godliness, brotherly kindness, kindness, love, Fruitful, stability, never fall, trials, temptations, Holy Spirit