Freedom Conference (4 of 4)

Freedom Conference (4 of 4)

Sat 28 Jan 2012 C3 Church, San Deigo

Honour your father and mother - the first of the ten commandments that comes with a promise. It's unusual because it carries a blessing that God has described and notice the blessing is in two parts. It says that it will be well with you and you'll live long on the earth. Now the implication in that is if you violate that commandment by dishonouring your mother and your father it will affect your physical health, it'll affect your life expectancy and it will affect your life will not go well for you.
Audio Transcript
Thank you very much. You feel so welcome and loved here. Come on, let's give Jesus the honour for what He's done so far; breakthroughs, miracles, deliverances. Hallelujah Lord! We honour you and praise you and give you all the glory today! Thank you Lord. Hallelujah.

We invite you to come Holy Spirit to help us. We're determined to fulfil the destiny you have for us, whatever needs to move, shift, change in our life today, move it. Move it. Let it move in this session. Father, I just thank you for those who've come whether it's for the first time - pray Lord that what you are doing, they'll hear and feel it in their spirit, be able to quickly reach in and receive what you want to do today. Lord, we open our hearts to you in Jesus' name. Amen. Amen. Go on, give someone a high five before you sit down.

Well awesome, thank you worship team. You've been so great. Let's give them a clap. ... [Applause] ... They've been fantastic and thank you for staying the course. You know, it's a big commitment but it's also an investment in your life and even in this session there'll be things happen for many. I just really appreciate you've called it a Freedom Conference rather than a Deliverance Conference because it gives me room to move and one of the things that Pastor Jurgen has said was just flow with the Holy Ghost and what He puts in your heart to do. So today we had many, many people set free just last session - powerful move of God to just touch so many, many people but as I got to work with some, some we just prayed for and others we were talking to and there were some issues started to come up and there was recurring issues started to come up, so I want to talk about - message I want to speak about is honouring your father and your mother. I want to show you some things on this or an insight related to this that will really bless and help you.

Let me just start with a story - good way - I had a woman and I can't remember, I think it was in Taiwan and she came for counsel. I don't know why it happened that way but anyway, they brought her in for counsel, asked me to talk with her and I asked her what is your problem? She said well I don't really know what to do. I have this man wants to marry me. I said oh, tell me a bit more. She said well - and so she explained what had happened; she'd had a relationship with this man. He was an unsaved man, and she had a child with this man. No, she had a relationship with the man and it broke up and then she had a fling with some other guy and had a child to him and so now she's a woman with a child and this first guy wants to now marry her. The other guy's unhappy and she's in this turmoil in a mess and many times you find that people have turmoil and a mess, they can't pull it apart and see what the issues are inside.

So I asked her, well, you know, is this guy a Christian? She said no, he isn't. I said well tell me then a little bit about why the relationship broke up. She said well while he was going out with me he also had two or three other relationships going on the side. I said so you're telling me you're thinking of marrying someone who was already demonstrating unfaithfulness to you? I said why would you do that? She said well, I kind of have something in my heart for him.

Then the Lord just dropped this into my heart; ask about her father. I said tell me about your father and your relationship with your father. She said oh, well I don't see him. I said why is that? And she said well my parent's marriage broke up. I said really? Why did it break up? She said well he had two or three other women on the side that he was having an affair with and so the marriage broke up.

I said just stop right there. I said I wonder if you can see that this is no accident or coincidence that your parent's relationship broke up because he was unfaithful and this first guy you've had a relationship with has also broken up for the same reason. She couldn't see the connection. I said well the Bible's very clear; if you judge your parents you will reap in your own life the impact of that judgement. You have judged your father for his failure. You've held unforgiveness and bitterness and judgement in your heart and you're in the process of reaping in your own life what you never resolved with your father.

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