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Breaking Free (1 of 2)

Mike Connell

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[Pastor Mike] Let's close our eyes. A very powerful clip. Don't give up on me. What will you do? Let's listen to the Lord for just a moment, what He's saying that you need to do, that we need to do. It starts with just that one thing. [Pauses] What do you need to do this year to impact some unsaved person for Jesus Christ? What do you need to do? Do you need to learn how? Do you need to break out of the limitation of current relationships, do you need new skills, do you need - what do you need? What do you need to do?

Father, we just pray that You'll put in our hearts today people that need to know Jesus Christ, that Lord, we not walk out and just forget what we've learned. Lord, this year would be a true year of breaking out to see unsaved people connected to and engaged with, intentionally connected to with a view to winning them to you by demonstrating the love of Jesus Christ, the wonderful compassion. We may not see a leper but we can see someone who's really full of shame, defiled by what they've been involved in. They need Your help. We may not see a cripple, but we'll see people whose minds and emotions are crippled by the experiences they've been through. Why don't you just now just as we finish up, I don't want to finish up just with a big song or anything. I'd like us to pray with someone next to you, that they will fulfil what God spoke into their heart, they will truly break out and impact someone's life for Christ. Would you do that, just find someone near to you and pray, if you can move in the prophetic word move in the prophetic word. Let's pray and let's believe for God to touch someone's heart. Just pray for that person next to you. The problem is never what to do; the problem is having a heart to do it. God gave us a heart to do this.