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Breaking Free (1 of 2)

Mike Connell

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So you notice although he's got a warrior spirit, he's also sensitive to the Holy Ghost leading. He listens to God. He enquires of God, he gets revelation, and God says: go up, take it head on. I'm with you, you'll clean them out! He said that's what I wanted to hear - so off he goes, has a battle, beats them thoroughly.

So number one, we need to take responsibility; number two, we need to get revelation, need to get insights on what to do and where to go so you don't go big headed and take on everything. You've got to take on what God gave you. The third thing is, you notice response; he took action, and he engaged the Philistines. Now this is the thing, you'll never change anything unless you engage it. To engage it, means you commit to getting involved. We have to engage with people if we're going to help them change. We have to engage the issues in our life, if they're going to shift. If you're happy to live with them, great. That's fine for you, good on you, well for you - but me, I want to move on in my life. I've decided I'm going to push against some things. See, so we need to make a response, and the response is that we've got to take some kind of action. You've got to do something, so it's all very well to get wound up, and get prepared, well to do to pray, but you've actually then got to put a plan down, and do something specific. God showed him even how to do it - got to take them on head on.

The fourth thing you notice here, it says after he broke through it says - Verse 21 - they left their images there, and David and his men carried them around. Notice that David addressed the root issue. The root problem they had was, what the power was behind these people, were these idols and he's making sure we're not having any idols around here. He dealt with the root issues. If you're going to deal with problems in your life, deal with the roots, not just the behaviour. If you don't change the root system, what you believe in your heart, and what's motivating your heart, then the behaviour performance thing doesn't get you very far.

A lot of people try with their willpower to make things happen in God, it doesn't happen that way, doesn't work that way. You've got to lean on the Holy Spirit to help you identify and deal with the roots. They discovered the idols, they discovered the root cause of this problem, they were having and they burnt them all. They just got rid of them all. Now here's the next thing is that you have to resist, because whatever you face, and whatever you determine to do this year to break out, there's going to be - it won't be just one battle. You'll have to have more than one, but you have to keep working at it. Some of these things you've got to keep persevering. I reckon that if you can just keep persevering and not quit, you'll probably break through and win, because you just outlast every one and everything else. You just kept going and wouldn't be stopped, so you need to resist.

The next time the enemy comes up - notice the next thing he does, is he gets fresh revelation. Now what this means is this: he never assumed that what he did last year would take him through this year. He never assumed that his gift would get him through. He never assumed that his past experiences would give him what he needed to get the victory. To get the victory, he needed God with him. For you to get victory this year and see breakthroughs, you need God with you. You need God with you, so you've got to continually ask him for direction, and the Lord said - notice what the Lord said. He says don't go up and take them head on. I've got a changed plan. Oh here's the plan: the plan now is you go sneak up around behind them, go right around the long way, come up behind them where they're not expecting it, and then he says wait until you hear the movement in the trees. In other words He said: there will be a supernatural movement, and on that movement then you initiate your action.

So you notice how on the one hand, he's got this warrior spirit and determination; on the other hand he's incredibly sensitive to the directions of the Holy Spirit, and if we're going to see things change in our life, have influence and whatever - maybe it's in your marriage, maybe it's in your family - you need to listen to the Holy Spirit, and get some insight on what to do. We need to listen a lot more, and then get busy doing what God said to do. Whatever God said to you to do last, do it - see? So he goes out there, and he routs them thoroughly, and this time they don't return. This time he decisively drives them right back to the far end of the land, and reclaims the territory that had been lost in the reign of Saul. What a great thing, so he truly broke out, and his fame was established.