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Breaking Free (1 of 2)

Mike Connell

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Well the Philistines were looking for a fight, and David said it's on! That's what I'm called to. I'm called to be a warrior. The only time he failed, was when he stopped going out to the fights, so he had an anointing to go out to the fight. He had a spirit of might on him, never lost a battle - except an internal one.

Now you and I, would you believe it, have an anointing for a fight! Well if you've got fears in your life, fight them! If you've got some depression around your life, fight it! You've got some demonic influence, fight it - and then there's some resistance in the community to people coming to Christ. It's in the spirit - fight it! [Applause] Fight it! Let's get something around us, that gets gritty and determined, and not namby-pamby and wussy. I can't stand it, and - I just can't stand it. I don't mind if we lie and stand and weep and worship and do stuff, so long as we're not wussy on the inside, so when the fight's on, you stare and you're counted, get up and get standing in the battle. We need to have that around us. David was both very tender, very soft, a worshipping man, spent a lot of time in the presence of God, but oh, he was a fighter! He fought - the public battle with the giant, was fought after the private battle with the lion and the bear. The lion, the demonic spirits, the bear, the crusher - that usually speaks of the flesh, speaks of iniquities in our family life or personal life. They try and crush us and stop us doing anything, and he took them on as a young boy with a sling, then he went out, and when time came to take on a giant, a biggie for the whole nation, he was ready. See, he was all ready.

What are you ready to pick on this year? I think you should decide what you're going to pick a fight on [laughter] really. You don't break out if you just wait for something to happen. You've got to decide, this is what God's speaking to me about, the challenge and the change, and I'm going to pick a fight with the devil on this one, until - and then I'll have a plan and I'll stick with it until I break out. I want you to see quickly David's plan, and then we'll just finish up. I want to show you a clip for three minutes that just touched my heart when I was looking at it, so the first thing is, he immediately goes up, so first thing is, you've got to take responsibility. Until you make a decision in your heart that you will make a change and be quite specific, nothing will happen. Notice what he did: he took responsibility. He didn't have to wait to be told to go out and get ready, he just immediately donned the weapons out and was gone, we've got this army showing up here, we're going to go down and give them what's what. They're not walking in here having it easy.

So the first thing is, you've got to take responsibility, you face the issues and take responsibility. Let me ask this. This is the thing I'm feeling a deep challenge in. Have we taken responsibility for people around us that don't know Christ? Have we taken responsibility in the workplace for its spiritual atmosphere, and for speaking and praying to change it? Have we taken responsibility to be the shepherd to the people that are there, so they find someone that's different in the workplace that reaches them? Have we taken responsibility? If we haven't, that's your first place to start. Have you taken responsibility to pray for anyone? They'll never change until someone begins to pray, and then has a plan, so number one, we need to take responsibility.

The second thing is revelation; he asked the Lord what to do, and basically what He's answering is this - now notice this: he's already gone down clothed with all the battle gear, he's got all the soldiers all called out and all ready to go, then he says: well what do you reckon Lord, should we go out to that fight? If we go out will I win it? They're good questions to ask the Lord aren't they? Should I pick this fight, and will I win it if I do? That's good prayer, asking God shall we go to that one, or not go to that one? Should I take that on, or not take it on?