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Breaking Free (1 of 2)

Mike Connell

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Here's the thing though. You have to go where the fish are, and you have to lay out something that will draw and attract them, and then at the right time you hook them. If you don't have the right bait, you don't get any fish. If you don't go to where the fish are - and he would move this boat around all over the place, until he got it exactly where the fish were. He said it's no use fishing anywhere else, the only place you'll catch them, is where they are - make sense? See, so the fish you'll catch this year, aren't here, they're there. Think about that one.

So that means you need to turn up there, with an intention of fishing, and you don't always catch fish. Sometimes you get a bit disappointed, but if the fish are biting, you catch them, and so you've got to have the right bait, got to have the right way of hooking them. There's a bit of skill in it, and through the year I'd love if we can begin to start to set our heart, that we can begin to life our game plan and vision, that we'd see people saved for Christ, individually, right across the church. One person - sure, one person could come to Christ because of you. Some people come very easily, some of them come - you worked hard on this one, they didn't respond at all, and you've got someone over here, and suddenly they come to Christ, and you didn't do hardly anything. That's how it is, you do that. So there it is.

Now here's the other thing then is, there's no advance of the kingdom without resistance. The third thing, no advance of the kingdom without resistance, so when David was anointed king, and planned to advance the kingdom, the first thing the Philistines did when they heard about it was get up and jump up and go kill him. They wanted to kill him. When you set out - if you just want to just sort of be a casual Christian, you'll have to live your life below what God wanted. We're called to be productive and fruitful, that's fantastic, so here's the thing: the moment you step up and decide: I'm going to break out of this limitation, break out of this bondage, break into enlargement; you will encounter resistance and difficulties. If your prayer life is slack, and you say I'm going to really work on my prayer life in the next two, three weeks, get myself back into shape, you'll find resistance. If you decide you're going to break out of some bondage, there will be resistance.

The demonic realm notices people who are intent on a mission. Every time I ever go overseas, I always have something happen, before I go, while I'm there, and when I come back. It's always the same, and I've just learnt to shrug it off, as being part of the resistance that comes, so before and after this trip, I had things happen, and I've learnt to just shrug them off, just like that, just nothing, keep on course. When we were away we had lots of things happen, but funny things happened. We had a guy manifest in the room next door - haven't had that for a while. He was groaning and moaning and yelling for about half an hour I suppose, and then we had the power just go out on us, we had a whole lot of little things like that. It's just nothing, it's just little stuff, little stuff! You've got to learn to just hang in there - so the Philistines go up and their one thing in mind is to kill him. Kill him means take away the life, so the devil wants to take away liberty, freedom, and life from you, so you're bored and passive and dull, without fire for God! How we need to keep the fire every day alive - get inspired on Sunday, but what's happening Monday through Saturday? When you get up and begin to pray, begin to push through your limitations, and establish your positioning in heaven next to the Lord, and begin to decree today I speak and command my day, everything shall align up according to the will of God. I call blessing over my day today. I stand and take dominion over all assignments of the enemy, and cancel them in Jesus' name. Today everything will work together for good for me.