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Breaking Free (1 of 2)

Mike Connell

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So here's a couple of question to think about then, just as we finish up, and I want to show you a little clip. What are you going to do this year? What will you do this year to break out? What can you do? First of all start off by dreaming, and thinking about what do you want to change in your personal life, your finances, in your family, marriage, whatever it is. Just begin to dream about it. You've got to have a dream, ask the Lord, talk to the Lord, begin to get the dream, and not just in your personal life, but what about reaching or winning or influencing someone? One of the simplest things to do is, find what you love doing, and then do it with unsaved people and get them involved, draw them in. It's quite amazing what people [laughs] - I just said to the guys when I was away there hey, I love guns. Can we go shooting on Monday? Immediately, it was amazing how many people came out wanting to go out and do some stuff together, quite amazing. You've got to do some things together.

Secondly then, what's your limitation? What is the limitation that stops - what's stopping you? Is it your past experience, you've had a bad experience or two? Is it some thought pattern? Is it some habit pattern? Is it a bondage you need to break? Identify what the limitation is, because that is your hindrance personally, that you've got to get through. Then you may need to up-skill to get through that. You may need to learn something new, you may need to go into Equiping Track to get some training. If you're not in a small group - you need to be in a small group where others can encourage you in fulfilling your dream, and ask you how you're getting on, pray with you and stand with you. Finally it'll be what will you do? In the end what are you going to do? So have a think about what is it I want to break in? Where do I want to break out this year - in my personal life, marriage, family, and specifically in reaching the community? I need to do something. I need to break out. I need to break out. Tell someone next to you, you need to break out. Someone is waiting for you to break out.

I've got a little clip I want you to watch - if you could just play the clip now. I got it off YouTube and its called Evangelism, it's called Girl on a Park Bench. Just have a look at this.

[Excerpt] Here I am desperate for love, for truth. What are you going to do when you leave this building? Are you going to share with me what you've been learning here today, or are you just going to bottle it up and pull it out next week for your friends? Now when I say share I'm not talking about every tactic you've used on me in the past like judging my every move, telling me I'm a bad person, pointing fingers, giving me disgusting looks [laughs] and my favourite is when you tell me that I'm lost. I don't even know what that means to be lost. Do you really think judging me is going to make me change? Would it make you change? Now I know I'm a bad person. I've done bad things, but I don't need you to tell me that. What I need is for you to pick me up when I fall down, to be there when I'm broken. Yes, there's something missing in me. There's a void in my heart I don't know how to fill. You have it. You have that thing that makes you whole. You know that person that I need to know, so I'm watching your every move. I'm watching where you go, what you say and do because I'm desperate for something real. I need something genuine, to know that there's something more here than this. This can't be it, really and I think you know that. Listen to me, I need you. I need you to be here for me. I need you to walk out right now ready and willing to do whatever it takes - hey, it may not be comfortable. It may not be easy but I need you to show me love. No matter the cost show me what unconditional love really looks like. Stop telling me about this God of yours and show me who He really is. Honestly, I'll probably resist you. I'll probably argue with you and laugh at you. You know even when you fall I'll probably call you a hypocrite - but don't give up on me. Please don't give up on me because I'm going to ask you when's it going to happen?