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Sonship & Heart Transformation (2 of 3)

Mike Connell

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I've had people do that. I had one woman, she had her fifth miscarriage, and when we got down to the root of it, basically she hated her father, and made vows: I'll never carry a male child. Another woman, she'd gone through some terrible thing, and she so hated being a woman, she cursed her own womb, and then had major problems that went after that.

See, we do things to try and manage the pain, and they create another layer of problems. Demons access those things. Then I need to establish the truth in my heart; what is the truth? Meditate on the truth. Ask the Holy Spirit to build it into your life: I am loved. I am loveable. I am my Father's delight. I'm accepted. I am safe. My Father has my back. I've always got Him with me. You need the truth to enter your heart; it comes through meditation.

Is there something you need to put right, someone you need to apologise to, because you behaved so badly you also contributed to the problem? You need to just humble yourself and say: I'm so sorry, please forgive me. Are there patterns you need to change in how you deal with life? You understand, that's what heart transformation looks like. It's painful. That's why people don't want to do it; but it's fruit-bearing, because you change. One breakthrough will change your life!

My marriage changed when I saw I was bitter, and I realised why I was bitter, and repented and confessed it to my wife, and to the Lord, and asked for forgiveness, and it was put right. Otherwise, if we don't do these things, if we don't let God have access to our heart, how can you struggle through ministry? We need help, help of the Holy Ghost. He'll help you.

Closing Prayer

Why don't we just close our eyes, open our hearts. Holy Spirit, come. Perhaps there's some of you right now as I've just talked, I feel the Spirit of God is on you now, and you've been in a turmoil, but it's starting to clear, and actually I have an issue I need to face. You're not responsible for someone else's stuff, just sort your own out. When you're changed, everything around you changes. The people who become most angry when you set boundaries, are the ones who benefited most when you didn't have them; so change is not always easy, because people react, and try to get us back to the way we were. But you're called to be free, free to fulfill your course, free to be intimate with Father, free to have a free heart, free to be who you are, free, free in your heart and soul and spirit, free to fulfill what God called you to.

So perhaps today God's speaking to you right now and you say: God, I just need you to touch me now. I don't want to miss the moment. There's something I need to bring to you. There's something I need to let go of. It is a journey, but it starts with a step; so why don't you just make a step to the front today, and say: God, I realise my heart is aching. I just want to come and say: I'm hearing you talk into me. I want to open up my heart, and surrender control, and give You access to my heart; and to begin the journey of owning the responsibility for my own heart. I want to guard my heart, and nurture my heart, because this is what's causing the limitations on my life.