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Sonship & Heart Transformation (2 of 3)

Mike Connell

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One of the things I've loved about coming to Asia, and I love about Asians, is they're acutely sensitive to anyone who has an agenda. They just feel it, like that. And what's given me ability to be there, is just to love people with a pure heart - so it's given me access to, and favour with, people. I have access, there's two or three family dynasties that pretty well run Taiwan financially. I have access to two of them as a friend. They will come to me, because there's nothing they have, that I want. I just want to be their friend, and love them, and help them. I would never - it would offend me to even consider the money issue, because that would wreck the relationship. I'm here to love them, and to help them, because they have an influence in society. If I can help and empower them, they will touch people I could never reach. But you understand, you can't have an agenda if you're going to do that. The only agenda is to love the people, and empower them, and heal them where they need healing. There's got to be that purity around it, and that's why we're to grow, mature and love.

The Bible talks about many different heart conditions. I encourage you to look at them, and discover some of them. The most obvious one, is the condition of a broken heart.

Psalm 147:3 - "the Lord heals the broken heart and binds up all their wounds". So Jesus came to announce that He healed the broken heart, but the heart can be broken. The heart can be fearful. The heart can be bitter, very bitter. The heart can be very hard. The heart can be angry. People that have got anger in their heart... they're just angry all the time. They don't even know why they're angry. They stir it, they're like a ball just waiting to go off. Just a little thing will set them off, because there's a whole lot of unresolved offences in the heart.

A heart can be numb or disconnected. This is the condition that many men are in, but also many women who have been traumatised. For example, Tamar in the Bible, when she was sexually abused by her brother, the Bible tells us this: she remained numb, and devastated in the house. That's the word 'numb' - a disconnected heart. A disconnected heart is where you've had so much pain, that you have literally shut down engaging the pain, as your way of dealing with it. Instead of getting it healed, you've buried it; but it's buried alive, and the consequence is you become hardened and don't feel anymore.

Many people can't feel things, because their heart is hardened. I prayed for one pastor's wife, she hadn't felt love in 40-plus years; and the reason was, her father rejected her and wanted only boys, so she made a decision she would have to shut down the emotional side of herself, and compete with the men. In doing that, a spirit of death came around her - shut her heart up, and all her life she never felt anything, until we got her delivered and healed - and then she felt lots of things. Then actually her identity came out; because this is the word I had... I said: what I see is that you're in a cave, hiding. I cannot see the real you - and she tried to avoid me of course, like crazy, but I said to the pastor: I'm coming to your church, and I don't need to preach; but I'm going to meet your wife. We're going to talk.

So I helped him with his process of getting her free, and it changed their marriage completely, it changed her. She's just like, radiating with life! Another person I can think of now, and her mother had a terrible miscarriage; incredibly painful, traumatic. So when she got pregnant again, she'd never been healed, because then that faith moved. In other words, what you do is you murder your heart, so while we need to hold the word of God, it's got to be in the heart; and if the heart's wounded, then heal the heart, then put the word in. Don't just, out of will power, try to do something to try and overcome something that really needs healing. So what she did was, she put a wall round her heart, so she wouldn't be hurt in the next pregnancy by a possible loss; but here's the consequence: her daughter experienced deep rejection, deep disconnection and would not bond with her mother; and so the mother and daughter were hostile to each other, all their lives.