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Sonship & Heart Transformation (2 of 3)

Mike Connell

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He saw that what God wanted was Spirit worship, and so he brought it out of the age of grace. He reached past the cross, and brought it back into his age, by revelation. Now that's really something. So before, it was silent, and only one man went; but now everyone's got access, and there's worship, there's music, there's trumpets, there's noise, there's dancing, there's laughing, there's singers... Let's look at it, and you see that it's expressive, and it's passionate, and he's in it. He fought and won; and he's in it, they're jumping up and down... and that's why his wife hated him, because she looked at it, and she despised him: kings don't behave like that! You're supposed to be a king; you don't behave like that!

He said: "I did it to the Lord, and I'll do worse than that - you can't stop me". You can't wet blanket me! I did it to the Lord. So you see - he's a man after God's heart; and God says, in Acts 15 - "I'm going to restore what was taken away, this tabernacle of David". David had a passion for the heart of God. "One thing have I desired of the Lord, that will seek after, that I dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life; to behold His beauty, and to enquire in fellowship with Him" - because I want to know His heart, and then implement it for the generation I live in. If you're looking back at where church has been, you're looking in the wrong direction. We've got to look into the heart of God, and be intimate with Him, and find what is it.

I want to be a man after Your heart, and change what needs to be changed! The old system of someone, they're doing all the ministry - it's gone! It's history! It was never God's plan. He's got a five-fold ministries: apostles, prophets... empowering people to rise up, and carry the power of God; to go out and do something - change the community, pray for people! Get the creativity of God, design things, bring things into the earth! It's a whole new day. You've got to break out. Some of us are still back in Moses' tabernacle and we should be catching the heart of God. It's reformation time, revival time, a change time! Catch the heart of God! So God's attention is always on the heart, because God has a heart too; in His heart, or His motivations.

3) The heart is the focus of Jesus' ministry. If you think of Jesus' ministry, when you look at His teachings - they're all concerned with the heart. He said: you heard it said that you shall not commit adultery - that's actions. He said: I'm telling you something different. He said: it's bigger, and beyond that. He said: if you even look on a woman with lust in your heart, then you've committed adultery - I want your heart pure! In the Old Testament, it said: don't kill people. He said: listen, I'm telling you now, when you've got anger and hatred in your heart, you've got the roots that cause the thing to happen - I want your heart to be free of anger. So everywhere He went, He dealt with the heart.

When He stood up to announce His ministry, He said: the Spirit of the Lord is upon Me; He's anointed Me to proclaim, to preach the gospel to the poor, or reconnect people to My Father and then to heal their broken heart - because if you don't heal their broken heart, they can't build intimacy in relationship. They must have their heart healed, because they're shattered and broken. Why would you just overlook the pain and struggles that people have, and not be willing to engage in healing them?

Matthew 15:18 - "out of the heart flow the things that defile a person".

It's not things outside you that defile you. You think: oh, I better avoid that. No, no, no. It's not about avoiding things; it's about being clean on the inside, so the things outside you don't defile you. Jesus showed it with the leper. He showed physically what it looks like. He found a leper, the leper came to Him; and it was advanced state of leprosy, totally unclean, totally defiling. It's a highly infectious disease. His thinking is: but what's in Me is more powerful than that, and so He touched him. No one touched them. You didn't touch a leper. To touch a leper, you're ceremonially defiled, and you run the risk of being a leper yourself. That didn't worry Him! He said: what's in Me is stronger than that. Boom! Touched him. Connected to him, because His big pain was disconnection in the heart. Then he got healed as well. So when you start to look at this, you'll see that Jesus is always concerned with the heart - what motivated people. So we've got to be concerned with the heart as well.