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Renewal of the Mind (4 of 4)

Mike Connell

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You take time to picture the truth of scripture. You visualise it, picture it in your imagination. You see the scripture, so for example the Lord is with me, I will never leave you nor forsake you. What does it look like if Jesus is never going to leave me? I need to let my imagination create that truth in a picture form. See I'm not making something up; I'm taking the word and using my imagination to see it. And I just need to see that and see that and see that and look at it, and embrace it and hold it. The second thing I need to do is not just imagine how it looks; imagine how it feels. What does it feel like? What would it feel like to know that God is with me all the time? Picture Him and imagine what it feels - because remember what we saw, an experience coupled with a feeling will be embedded more deeply into your mind. So if you begin to imagine the truth of the word of God and imagine how it feels, and dwell there and then embrace it, see? Imagine what it is to see God loving you. How does it feel to be loved absolutely unconditionally?

You begin to imagine that. Your heart begins to open up and embrace the truth, and then you repeat it. Picture it, imagine how it feels, repeat it, and you just repeat it every day, every day, every day you repeat that scripture truth and it begins to implant into your mind. The second thing you do is you confess it. You speak it out of your mouth. The Bible says the words we speak are spirit and life, so I need to confess what God says about me. Confess it and hold it around my life; agree with it, speak it out. Confess it over my life. The Bible says in Hebrews 10 and it tells us in I think verse [23, 00.39.46] it says hold fast the confession of my belief and expectation. How long do you have to do that for? Well I'll give you an idea, really, really simple. There's a scripture in the Bible where it says that Satan is the lord of the flies, Beelzebub, lord of the flies. How many know that one? Okay, a fly's lifecycle is 40 days so repeat the cycle, repeat the meditation, repeat the confession of the scripture for at least 40 days until you break the lie.

The second thing about flies is they tend to lay eggs every six hours, so you should be meditating and repeating scripture over your life at least once every six hours. You really want to shift something in your life, set aside 40 days and two or three times a day you just go into that place of memorising the scripture, meditating in the scripture, imagining what it looks like, imagining what it feels like, speaking and confessing it over your life. You will shift your mind and heart and reprogram your mind so you are changed on the inside. Now who's going to do that? Well you've got to do that. We can depend on experiences, experiences are wonderful, but we need the word to fortify them so they grip and hold and last. What an amazing God we serve. He's designed us so that we can have a fantastic imagination; we can receive revelation from Him, we can draw up ideas from inside, we can create things that have never been seen. But that same imagination God gave us can be twisted and perverted and taken another way, unless we're willing to go there and let the Holy Spirit cleanse the imagination and we'll rise up inside and say Lord, I'll do my part too.

Father, we just thank You for this time, when You are teaching us how we can be totally changed. We thank You Lord that we are totally transformed when we are willing to renew our mind. I pray for every person here and those who are listening to this CD and hear this message and what you're listening on the internet, Father I pray that Your spirit would begin to remind them of situations, reactions, behaviours, ways of doing things that You're willing to help them find healing and deliverance and release from. I pray Lord You begin to work to bring things to memory, things that people have buried down because they were too painful. Give them grace to actually face them, and the belief systems and the wounds and whatever's under there and resolve it, and begin to renew the mind so we can begin to enlarge as people, enlarge as a people, enlarge and break out of limitations.

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