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Renewal of the Mind (4 of 4)

Mike Connell

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So you have the choice whether you control the pain, control what's in your heart, or whether you make a decision to allow the Holy Spirit to lead you to the truth. Now what happens is this. You start to talk about it, immediately feel the pain. As soon as you feel the pain, immediately now an imagination is running your life and you're going to do everything you can - no more pain. But the Holy Spirit will take you into that situation and change what it is. It's amazing how He does it. He's very, very simple the way He does it. This is how He does it: He brings you back into the memory. He brings something to your mind. He'll help you remember things. That's one of His jobs, to bring back to memory. The second thing is He helps you access the emotions of it. When you remember you begin to feel the emotions, you begin to cry or feel angry, or feel hurt or feel alone or whatever. Then He uncovers what the ungodly belief is underneath and here's how He does His healing.

So remember in order to get you healed in this part of your life He takes you back so you remember it, you feel it, you begin to realise what you believed all that time, then He heals it. And how does He heal it? He shows you what you never saw when you were going through it. He enlarges your vision and shows you something you never saw before, and now your understanding spiritually is opened and you can see oh, healing comes, new insight comes. You're different. It's completely different. I better give you some examples just to show you. It'll tell you how it worked. In the family I grew up in there was conflict and my - I would feel conflict. I'm a very sensitive person. I feel it very, very deeply and so every day I would feel that conflict and I would conclude this is bad! I would feel afraid and withdraw, and so I practiced withdrawing and some time later, recently, the Holy Ghost spoke to me, wanted to bring healing. And I said okay, let's go, and immediately I was at home and I was standing there in my bedroom and I was looking down a long corridor. I could see the house; I could remember the place. I remembered it vividly. If you'd asked me to remember it I wouldn't remember. The Holy Spirit took me there, I could remember it vividly, every detail of it.

I saw the Lord standing there and He had His hand out to me and He's saying I want you to come to that place of conflict. I actually physically recoiled and felt this horrendous fear, so now I was in the emotion. I was remembering it, I was feeling it and I was reacting to it just like always. He said I want you to follow Me, and the moment I said yes, I was in the kitchen in the situation and there was all the conflict. I could still feel it, but I felt something different. I felt two hands resting on my shoulders and I realised Jesus was right behind me. His hands were on me and His peace was just flooding me, and I was sitting there watching it all and it wasn't affecting me, and He said I am with you. And with that truth that Jesus was with me, with the feeling and the experience of Him there, the fear all left! What He did was He overwrote the old thing with something - the truth. I can still remember it. I can remember it vividly. I can remember it in detail, but the old memory is overridden with the truth; the latest updated memory is this: there's two hands on my shoulders and its okay. [Laughs] I'm alright thank you. [Applause]

See, see how He does it? I can share with you all kinds of people that we've prayed for and many of you here have already got testimonies of how God has helped in this area to bring healing, something the Lord's been doing, haven't made a big deal of it in the last year though. But I've seen a lot of people healed and set free, just encountering the Holy Spirit, encountering the Lord. A little while ago my son-in-law spoke how his father had been killed in front of his eyes when he was nine and he went back there where he'd never wanted to even talk about it, let alone go there. And when he went there Jesus appeared to him in that scene and overwrote the scene. Did he remember it? Did he feel things? Yes, yes, yes - but it was overwritten by something else. He saw the Lord and the Lord said it's not your fault, and the Lord touched him and ministered to him, and his last memory is one of freedom from that thing. Not bad aye?