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Renewal of the Mind (4 of 4)

Mike Connell

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But it's not what you're dealing with just there. It's actually deeper than that. It's some stuff you've never resolved and the moment you experience that feeling, immediately you lock in on the other feelings and the whole lie associated with it is up there, and now you're into a vain imagination. And you're no longer able to resolve your relationships, [not able 00.16.04] to work things out because now there's an illusion is operating. It's partly true, it's not the whole truth. You understand what we're talking about here? Oh, we're all getting very quiet now. Tell someone, I know he's talking to you, you just need to listen up on this one. We'll talk how you get out of it in a moment. So you may see a person and suddenly a wave of fear is triggered. You think what on earth is that? You may have a little experience and suddenly there's a wave of emotion is triggered, and you can't even work out what is this connected to because what's happened is it's tapped into something stored in your memory, stored in your subconscious.

Now so how are we going to get rid of all the junk see, because that junk will feed your life and affect the way you operate, because as a man believes in his heart so he is. So for example most of us at some point come to conclusions about what we're feeling and experiencing. Now let me just throw out to you some beliefs that people hold onto, because the Bible says as a man thinks in his heart, that's how he'll run his life. That's how he is, and what happens is that we form ungodly beliefs. An ungodly belief is a belief or an expectation, or some kind of assumption or judgement and it's not true. It's just not true at all, but it feels true and you really believe it's true. And because you really believe it's true it's going to operate in your life. Will you be aware of it? Probably not, because it was buried a long time ago, yet you'll still operate in it and so that's why we find even though we've become a Christian, we still operate very much along similar ways to what we operated before we were saved.

Unless we let the Lord renew our heart and we work on renewing our mind, we will continue to operate like we always operated. This is why the work of the Holy Spirit is so vital and so important. Let me give you some examples of beliefs that people, an ungodly belief someone may have in their life that will affect how they relate and how they respond when things happen. Now remember, these beliefs were formed when the person had an experience and felt pain and came to a conclusion, even if it was a wrong one. You understand? So children come to wrong conclusions, so for example if the parents are in argument or fighting the child may actually assume I'm to blame, and so they have a belief in their heart I'm to blame. Any time there's a conflict you know what they believe? I'm to blame, and let me give you a few kinds of these things. I remember sitting with someone recently and they were talking to me and I asked them about a conflict that they'd had.

They described it each from their own point of view and one person began to talk and as they described it I said just wait, stop right there. Your assumption is that you are to blame. You actually haven't even heard what the problem is, but immediately you felt the conflict. Immediately what's coming up as soon as you had the feeling, immediately the belief came up and you're down an imagination. You're down a vain imagination and you're no longer connected to the person. You're not even part of solving it any more. You can't solve it any more because you haven't stopped to listen and sort it out. You've just come to this conclusion immediately, I'm to blame. It's a prevailing mindset or it's an ungodly belief. Let me give you a few typical ones that people have. Now you may actually identify one that you have. I know when I looked this person in the face and said wait, wait, wait. I want you to tell me what you feel when I tell you what you believe, and I told them what the person believed. As soon as I told them what they believed, immediately they started - there was weeping. Emotions are connected to the ungodly belief.