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Renewal of the Mind (4 of 4)

Mike Connell

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So we began to learn a few keys like that. Now what I noticed and observed in some church streams - it's less common now - they would say something like it's all under the blood. That was a convenient way of not actually identifying what the problem was, taking responsibility for it and dealing with it. True legally the blood of Jesus has made provision for healing, but I have to actually appropriate the healing. If I have sinned I have to bring the sin specifically to the cross, confess it and believe to receive forgiveness. If there's something wrong or there's damage or brokenness in my heart I need to bring it out specifically with its emotions, feelings and beliefs to the cross to be cleansed and its power to be broken and the thing to be healed. But you can't just bury it and get on with it. It just - it's a losing way of trying to handle conflicts in life, because nothing's solved. It's buried and anyone who observes your life will see it coming up every time the same emotions are present, you'll immediately be triggered off and you'll behave the same way you always behaved. It's a bit of an issue isn't it?

So how does the Holy Spirit deal with it? Well what we'd like the Holy Spirit to do is to push the button, zap our brain, fry the memory and that's it, we don't remember any more! Thank You Jesus! Well of course you can do that on a computer; you take the file, push the button, delete, the file's gone. Unfortunately though anyone who's an expert with a computer can go back and find where that thing was and restore it back again. Go down there into the junk bin, there it is, sitting there waiting, you push the restore button and it's back again. It never got deleted, never left the computer, it's still in there. So we would like it to be that way, but this is how the Holy Spirit does it, John 16:13. However, when He, the Spirit of truth has come, He will guide you into all truth. Notice what He will do - He's called the Spirit of truth. That word truth is an unusual word. It's a word without anything covered or hidden or concealed, no hidden things, so He's the Spirit who doesn't tolerate hidden things.

It says when the Spirit of truth has come, He will do what? He will lead you into, or He will guide you into all truth; He will not speak on His own authority, but whatever He hears He will speak; He will tell you things to come. He can also tell you things of the past as well, so notice that word guide. That word guide means to accompany you on a journey and show you where and how to get there, so the Holy Spirit will accompany you on the journey into healing. It's His job to do the healing work in your life. Jesus said the Spirit of the Lord upon Me, He's anointed Me to heal the broken-hearted, see? So the Spirit of God is a healing spirit but the way He does His healing is He guides us or walks us into truth. Now here's where the problem comes. If you have lived your life burying your pain and controlling it, you have saved yourself. If you want to be healed instead of trying to control the brokenness and the damage; if you want to be healed you've got to abandon trying to save yourself and allow the Holy Spirit to lead you where you may not want to go so Jesus can save you, because His name is the Saviour.

That word save means to heal, restore, deliver, rescue, make whole again, so His work of saving is more than just sin. It's about deliverance, it's about healing and restoration in the soul, it's about every facet of our life He has come to save us. He is a wonderful saviour and His salvation is full and complete - but to obtain it you must let the Holy Spirit lead you there. So Jesus said I won't leave you an orphan. I will send you the Holy Spirit. He's the Spirit of truth, won't leave anything [uncovered. 00.28.15] He will lead you into all truth, or He'll guide you or He will walk and take you down a path that will bring you to healing. But of course you have to co-operate. You've got to be willing to take the path, and the dilemma is most people don't want to take the path. You know why they don't want to take the path? It feels painful, and if I go there what will I feel? My life will get out of control. I can't afford to go there. I've got to keep control. No, you don't. Control is your way of trying to cope with something Jesus wants to heal and restore so you don't have to control it any more.