Doing the Works of God

Mike Connell

Doing the Works of God Repeat of the next sermon (5 loaves, 2 fish), but includes Joy's Testimony from Asia, and Mike praying for some people.
Great stuff. Great to have Tony back with us from Australia and Jaslec. Good to see you and great to see the changes God's been doing in you while you've been away too. Awesome, we're looking forward to you coming back next month. Next month is it? One month, yeah. Awesome. That'll be just great. Wow. We've just come back from a wonderful time away and just seen so many different things, seen great things happen. Joy, won't you come up and share just a little bit about what God's been doing?

[Joy Connell] Okay. Well when we go away we just fulfil the great commission, preach the gospel, heal the sick and cast out demons. We saw hundreds and hundreds and hundreds born again, coming to the altar in tears in many places. I don't know how many people were delivered and in Taiwan so many people are idol worshipping. The spirit world's really strong and some meetings there'll be a large number of people that are suicidal. A lot of people have just had tormenting stuff all through their night listening to voices, things move, you know? So many of them are just under such demonic oppression and it's great to see so many of them set free, often with very strong manifestations - but they're set free. And healings, we saw some wonderful healings.

One church we went to just everybody we prayed for healed, you know? Pain had gone. They were just free, out of wheelchairs. It was just a wonderful experience to just keep doing what God sent us all out to do really, but Taiwan, I was just thinking too the value of long term God-given relationships. In Taiwan there's one man, Tony, who has raised up a huge TV station, Good TV. He's got about four channels now I think. One of them is just for equipping, reaches all of China and Philippines, a huge part of the world. Many people in Taiwan watch Good TV. I think there's four channels going - powerful and he's also a businessman. This is just a voluntary business he does as well and they're about to open a huge four or five storey new building in September. God has just given him huge faith for big finance. They've got the latest technical gear. It's just getting bigger and bigger.

But Tony's like an apostle for the nation and any of these big campaigns, people that come in, often Tony's the one running it. Then another young man, Gordon, came up under Tony. We met him working at Good TV and we had a tremendous service on the Sunday with him setting him in as an apostle. He's actually now got all the signs, he's planted three churches, another one going in China that's just growing and growing and just got an apostolic gift around his life and there was a powerful presence as we just declared and decreed over him what God is already doing. He does things that are different. He's got a church that's reaching people that are right on the fringe like the first church they'll come to and got it all styled for them, and he's got a church for the top business people which you only get to if you've got a special security pass card because it's just targeting business people that wouldn't normally come to a normal church. They've got too many bodyguards and things around them and they're just in a different world, so yes, it was great to be with them.

We've probably known Tony seven or eight or more years and the relationship just keeps growing and they just want the Holy Ghost to come in and business people prayed for and just keep that flow of the spirit alive. Then out of our relationship with Kong Hee which has been over 20 years old, there's another man, Abraham Koo who's got a New Life Church in Taipei, but he had two church plants that we also visited. It was great getting back to one down in the bottom of Taipei. It was like our first trip to Kong really, a young man a bit like Kong Hee was 30 years ago and full of young people, mostly high school age and he was just planting a church and they were so excited just to see the power of God move. He was doing a great job and it was good to stand with him and help him grow. We had two nights with him and training some people during the day.

So yeah, it was a range of stuff; three churches under Abraham Koo plus the connections with these long-standing things. And talking about long-standing relationship, I could have sworn it was Clark Taylor at times. He just sounded like Clark Taylor because this was the man that we grew up under you know and you carry the DNA. He was training people how to build their spirit man, how to move in the spirit, how to do this stuff, giving language to it, giving them practise, activations and people were so excited to have the mystery taken out of it, but just the how toos and then to bring a flow of freedom into their lives and into their church.