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Doing the Works of God

Mike Connell

1. Introduction
· Eph.2:10
· God has prepared works for you to do – an assignment for you.
· God’s assignment is personal and connected to your gifts, passions and background.
· It is our responsibility to discover and fulfil the assignment God has for us.
· What you are called to do is connected to:
(i) Written Word of God (ii) Passions and Gifts (iii) Direction of Holy Spirit

2. The Example of Jesus
(a) He was aware of His assignment while still young.
Luke 2:49
(b) He was totally committed to His assignment.
John 4:34
(c) He could clearly articulate His assignment.
Luke 4:18
(d) He fully completed His assignment.
John 17:3
(e) He intended to continue His assignment through His followers.
John 14:10-17

3. What Does God call us to do?
(a) Generosity to the Poor (Reveal the nature of God)
1 Timothy 6:18
Acts 9:36

(b) Intentional Acts of Kindness (Make your community a mission field)
Gal 6:10
(i) To church – God’s family
(ii) To unsaved – God’s potential family

(c) Minister the Power of God to others (Bring heaven to earth)
1 Cor. 12:7

(d) Serve with initiative and diligence (Make your work a place of calling)
1 Cor. 7:20
Col. 3:23

(e) Make disciples of Christ
Matthew 28:18

(f) Make your home a Centre of Ministry
Col. 4:15