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Doing the Works of God

Mike Connell

You know, it always starts small though and I've been there long enough now to see the whole move happen and I remember when the first pop star got saved. One of the guys that I'm a friend of and I minister to him and his wife, he was sitting next to him in a plane and just led him to Christ on the plane. Then his girlfriend came, then they began to reach their friends and before you knew it - the last time we were there doing a seminar there were about 80 to 100 out of the media and TV stars, movie stars, pop stars of various kinds, but they're now using their power to pull people and advance the kingdom.

The churches even planned - several of them got together and wrote songs together and did an album together. Now you just don't hear in the pop world of them getting together like that. Maybe they do it for a charity concert or something, but this is God's people rising up, doing something really great. Now one of the things is of course this is Asia. That's where it is and that's what God's doing at this time, but God also wants to do something here. One of the things I have learned over the years is everything starts small, starts with prayer and starts with hunger.

Everything starts small, so everything that begins in God starts with something very, very small. When I first joined with Hong Hee God spoke to me to work with him. Everyone else despised him, said he's just got a big Sunday School and so years later it's grown from 300 up to 30-plus thousand - extraordinary growth. But everything in God starts with something small and so you may dream of great things, but it starts with something small right now. Everything starts with something small. It's never a big thing. It's always something little that you work with and grow and whether it be a relationship - relationships start with the first hello and let's have a cup of coffee, but then maybe a marriage grows out of that.

So everything in the kingdom starts small and grows and we need to have that expectation we could do something. I wonder what you could do if you started to dream something big and surround it with prayer? I know Danny - Danny, you're off to Samoa shortly aren't you? Well Danny's dream for years - I mean everyone thought he was a dreamer, but actually he's out now doing what he was dreaming of years ago, speaking and preaching and now going to Samoa to preach over there. So everyone has got a possibility of doing something great for God. You've just got to start small and surround it with prayer, give yourself to the Lord and expect Him to do something great with your life.

Why don't we all begin to dream of the things that God could do, what God could do in your life? It doesn't matter where you are right now. It's not where you are that counts. It's what's alive in your heart, faith, prayer, believing God, taking the little you've got now and putting it to work. When I first went to City Harvest as I say there was about 300 there and they were mostly teenagers. I think the oldest was about 22, 23 I think, not much older than that. But here's the interesting thing, that every one of them came from unsaved families so they were a first generation Christian and the majority of them suffered - we'll say the word persecution. What that means is you go home and your parents beat you up, so many of them, we would pray for them year after year and they had suffered terrible abuse at their home just for coming to church, coming to Christ.

But they made the commitment. They made strong commitments and they've persevered and now we see them at a much older age just doing such wonderful things around the world. So what could God do through you? It always starts small doesn't it aye? Oh yeah, almost all the parents of those original group all saved. They'd had the great honour of being able to lead Pastor Kong's parents to the Lord. It was a great thing. They came to church, God was moving, demons were screaming and mum was a bit frightened by it all - but dad just said I can see the power here is stronger than these evil spirits. We should respond - and they came to Christ and they've been coming to Christ and walking with Him ever since. Isn't it fantastic?

I want to just pray for a few people before we start. I want to share with you some insights about how miracles operate in and through your life. But I just want to pray for a few people before I do and I want to share with you something from scripture because most of the things of God are incredibly simple. It's just we don't practise them or we don't believe them and I would trust tonight if you'll just look at your own life and start to stretch out that you could do more than you're doing right now. Brian, would you like to come up here? I'd love to pray with you. Brian, Brian Ersenbalm. Just come, can we just pray for you. God wants to touch your life tonight. Praise the Lord. Father, I just thank you for Brian tonight. Thank you Lord for the heart that Brian has for the things of God. I thank you Lord for your hand upon his life.