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Doing the Works of God

Mike Connell

Twice a year they try to get us to this New Life movement just to keep the atmosphere free and also because everybody comes I think to watch the show. They bring their friends and see the power of God poured out so hugely, all the people that have words of knowledge for deliverance and healing, they all get saved at the end, unsaved people have been brought along so it was great. Then going to City Harvest was great because when we were there the pastors were really young - some of them were still in shorts and military training, but now 20 years later they're like grandfathers in the spirit. They've planted churches that are also planting churches and even though they're young men in their forties they're so effective in their ministry. I thought wasn't it great for them that they connected with Kong Hee in their early life and see the maturity and what they carry now that they've got from Pastor Kong and they're just strong, vibrant ministers that - oh, they're in and out of China, in and out of Indonesia. They're carrying a move of God wherever they go and as we set out Mike has actually trained probably 5,000 of them in the Bible school there over the years, but these are now in China multiplying the ministry.

You think wow! How much people have been affected by these visits and by what they've received because they carry it and they pass it on. It's just exciting to see and realise how God connects you and they're vital connections. We don't just go anywhere. It was actually Pastor Kong Hee who connected us to Abraham Koo because he knew that he wanted to bring into his church healing and deliverance and it's built into the church now. Their pastors all do it, they do it all the time because they've got trained and good at doing it, so it's really effective work and Mike, he did every day. We had one day off - every day for hours upon hours upon hours he'd moving in the spirit with huge ways of the spirit, different waves, different meetings. Sometimes the whole Bible school would be having laughter. At one stage I saw him pick up a man's crutch. He was going around firing it like a gun and people were pouring over onto the floor. I mean whatever you touch under that flow things happen. Of course people were just blown away by what they'd seen.

Then we had this laughter. I knew. I said oh, I know what's going to happen next session. Next session, deep, deep, deep healing of trauma. You know, God kind of gives the anaesthetic and they all free up and loosen up. They think it's all just a big party 'til the next session and then the deep, deep healing of things that have been in their life, going really deep and two or three days of different types of deliverance for different areas, then yeah, just supernatural healing. You can't actually get to pray for each one, but God did so much work in such a short time with different manifestations of the spirit.

I don't think you looked at your notes hardly at all - just flowed like a river, but it was clear training, clear activation and they experienced it. It wasn't just a bunch of notes they take home. They'd all felt and experienced the power of God and started to move in it themselves so it was really effective.

[Mike Connell] Great, awesome. ... [Applause.] ... Hey, another thing that really stood out was that we noticed in Taiwan, there was a number of pop stars and entertainers that have come to Christ. You would hardly think of that. I'd have trouble thinking of one in New Zealand I suppose, but - mainly rugby and sports perhaps. But in the entertainment industry just vast numbers of people are coming to Christ and it's extremely unusual and this is both in the pop and in the classical area - most unusual. Then they use their star status and pull to pull people to Christ, so the church, one of the churches there has set up a company to help market the stars because most of them are terribly exploited. You know, you look at pop stars and you think they've got it good but actually they have it incredibly tough and most of them are waiting for someone to ring them so their life is in stress and fear and rejection almost all the time.

So we've run seminars for them like we run here Freedom Retreat and just seeing them gloriously set free from all kinds of stuff and then the churches actually formed a company to help market them. What they do is they get them out into the schools and campuses and they use two or three of them, then they'll get them and they'll sing their songs, bring in the crowds and then they'll preach the gospel. Then they'll have them performing on a Sunday and so you have hundreds upon hundreds of people being drawn into the church because of the influence of people who are people of influence and using their influence to advance the kingdom.