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Doing the Works of God

Mike Connell

Brian, God has seen that there's just a tremendous gift of compassion. You have a great gift of compassion around your life. You love to give, you're extremely generous and you don't show it out with glee that people can see. In fact actually you don't show that at all. There's no extravert kind of thing, but God sees that in secret there's giving. You give privately of your time. You give privately of your home, you give privately of your life, you give privately of your finances. You give sacrificially and God is going to cause significant increase to come in this next six months around your life. He will surprise you at how He begins to return. You're about to enter a season where you start to reap, where there comes shifts and changes in your life and a reaping for where you've sown. You're going to have many people draw and attract to you because they see in you the spirit of fathering. God wants you to be greatly encouraged that the work you're doing is not fallen on an idle ground, that the work you've done God sees and will reward it.

So you are entering a season in your life when things will enlarge and grow and expand and there'll be significant changes inside you as well. There's going to be some shifts in your thinking, shifts in the way you do things, shifting in priority. God's saying He's going to bring an enlargement around your life and around the work you do. Father, just pour out your spirit upon him right now. Let the power of God just come upon Brian now in Jesus' name. Lord, as you've spoken into his life let power come around him in Jesus' mighty name. Lord, just touch him powerfully, in the mighty name of Jesus. Praise the Lord.

Wow! God is here tonight to help us and I'd love to pray for people the end of the meeting and want to just - hey Toni, I want to pray for you right now. I won't wait for the end of the meeting. Toni, God just wants to help you and encourage you and you know you get a plant, you dig around all the roots? Then you have it in a box and then you shift it and plant it somewhere else and then in the new planting the roots go down, but there's always got to be a cutting off before there's the transplanting. God has been doing a work in your life of cutting off lots of little attachments. You know you dig up a plant, there's lots of very little wee - there's the main roots but these little ones that go out everywhere and they kind of cling on and hold on. God is wanting you to know that in your past season of life here there's been lots of little wee tap things holding onto you and all of them have kept you grounded in many ways. God says He's done a work in the season away of cutting off all of those attachments, of just transplanting you in preparation for the new things He has in your life.

You're going to see a tremendous shifting take place, even in the next month. You're going to find that there's going to be significant increase of the presence of God, increase of revelation and vision for your life and I just sense the Lord saying that as you come back, you'll come back with clear purpose and clear determination of what you're called to do and where your life is going. It's like while you were here there were many roots of attachments to your past that were stopping you standing up and it's like you were under the shadow of the big trees, but God has taken you out so you can get directly in the sunlight of His presence and now you're starting to flourish as a person. God says this is an important next month for you. It's an important season of growing. It's an important season of experiencing Him. He's going to increase the flow of revelation around your life and as you come back you're going to start to step up and into the true calling you have of leadership. There's been a calling of leadership over your life for many years, but all these little things are like little things sucking on and holding on, lots of little things. Some of them have been people, some of them have been experiences, some of them have been thoughts, some of them have been pressures and expectations - lots of little things. The Lord says as you step up and you become who YOU are and do what God called you to do and not worry what people think about you, as you stand up in your identity in Him, people are going to be amazed at the capacity and the flow of God's spirit through you.

He's called you to be a leader, called you to evangelise, called you to reach people and to be a great gatherer, but you're not just going to be a gatherer of people. God has birthed in your heart over the last six or eight months a tremendous compassion as you've seen Him touch you, heal you, dig stuff out of you that you just never even want to think about and now you're in the stage and the phase now of preparation for your next season. Enjoy this next month. It's going to be blessed month. Keep a journal. Write the things God says to you because He's going to tell you so many things you'd never remember them unless you write them. When you come back it's like people say whoa! What a change! I mean you've really shifted and the Lord just wants to encourage you. You know, Joseph had a season where he had terrible trouble with his family and then eventually he changed and he shifted and he matured and he developed. Then he was in a position to be a blessing to his family and there was no anger and bitterness towards his family at all, none whatsoever. He'd gotten over their injustice. He'd gotten over their criticism. He'd gotten over their hatred. He'd gotten over all of the stuff. He just saw that God had used this to bring to pass his purpose in his life - and that's you. You're a Joseph. You've been over there and you've been planted and you've been planted in wells of life. The Lord says you're going to become a blessing to your family and to everyone else, not by being who you were, the youngest one, but by being who you really are, a woman of God.