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Prophesy (2 of 5)

Mike Connell

[Background chat] Right, pray quietly. Focus your attention. Reach out expectantly, expecting God to give you something. Receive what you've got, then begin to turn it into a prayer. [Background chat] Alright, let's just stop right where we are now, and let's just get some feedback. How many people, the prayer that was prayed was just right for you? Great, that's wonderful, okay. How many of you felt touched by the Holy Spirit when that person prayed the prayer? Wonderful! Come on, give yourselves a great clap. [Applause] How many of you felt it just seemed like it was just me, I'm kind of thinking maybe it's just me, I'll just do it anyway? How many had that experience? There's a few like that, okay. How many of you, it was really a struggle? How many felt tense and uptight when that magic moment came when you're sort of waiting for God to give you something? How many felt a little bit uptight then? Okay. Was there anyone unable to overcome that? You got stuck at that point and just froze? Anyone freeze? No-one, that's great. Okay, very good. You've done very well.

Right then, what we're going to do now is we're just going to extend that exercise a little more. If you just sit down for a moment, and I'll show you how you can extend that exercise now a little bit more, then we'll just take it a little further. So first thing is, we should just - why don't we just give a clap, everyone did so well. [Applause] A number of you were quite touched by what happened, because when someone speaks an inspired thought from God, there is a flow of anointing, a flow of the person of the Holy Spirit and it just touches your heart. For some people they feel inspired, some people weep because they feel God is near me. That's why it's so powerful.

Now what we did was we made it a prayer, because a lot of people, the majority of people, if you say can I pray for you will say yes, and if you would just stop for a moment, and listen quietly, God will give you what to pray for, and it can deeply touch their heart. I remember I was out and I saw two old ladies by a garden and I stopped and I thought I've got to go over to them. I said I just felt to help them with the garden, and then I said I'm a Pastor. Can I pray with you? They said yeah, that's fine, so I put my arm on both their shoulder and thought God, You've got to show me what to pray, and then I got an idea and I began to pray. When I opened my eyes one of the ladies is just weeping. The other lady moved away. I thought that's fine, you know? Just what is God doing? God's not working on her, He's working on this lady. I said tell me what's the trouble, what's happening? Just asked her to talk about what's happening. She said oh, my husband died only two weeks ago, and so we were able to talk. I got her to talk about her husband, then I was able to lead her to the Lord. So just the prophetic prayer opened the door, when loving care was expressed, for her to come to Christ. She just was at a point and the prayer opened her heart and brought God into her life, then she opened up her life to come to Christ, so there it is. How about that? Just a simple thing, just oh, I should go and help these ladies and that's how the gifts flow, very, very easily, very natural.

Right, then now what we're going to do as we move from prophetic or an inspired prayer, we're going to go to an inspired thought, an inspired thought. We don't call it a prophecy because otherwise you'll think it's too hard. [Laughter] Okay, so we'll just call it an inspired thought, and so what we're going to do is we're going to follow exactly the same kind of format. Ask the person to come up, can I practice on you? Yes, do your best. Just pray in tongues quietly, wait expecting God to give you, and look for something, just a thought from God for that person. We're not going to foretell the future or anything like that. There's nobody prophesying like that, it's just something that God gave to you, just an inspired thought that would do these things: encourage them, exhort them or stir them, or comfort the person okay? So I'll need a volunteer for that again. I'll have to stretch out and do it for you, then you'll see what it looks like okay, so I need someone, so who do I get? Someone over here, one of these ladies over here. [Laughter] You were pointing to someone - why don't you come on up here, come on, that's right. Never point to anyone else. [Laughter] Okay, so first thing, can I practice on you?