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Prophesy (2 of 5)

Mike Connell

When you have your mind all over the place, sometimes it can be hard to pick up the voice of the spirit, so quietness and peace. I don't like lots of noise in my head or around me, I like quietness, because I've found in quietness it's easier to pick up the voice of the spirit of God. It's a very still, quiet voice. If you're hurried or agitated for example - I don't have time for prayer - your mind's going all over all the things to do. You're not at rest and in a place to hear. You have to do something about that; write it all down, get it out of your head, relax and just be in the presence of God. So number one, free up your spirit and start praying in tongues quietly in an even spirit; faith, expect God to give you something; focus, begin to just give your attention to listen to the spontaneous impressions, then feel, identify what God gives you. Just try and identify the thought, word, picture He gives you, and then when you've got that, focus on it, then step out and speak. That's how it all works and all the gifts of flowing in the spirit all work out the same way. They work on your spirit being alive, you are focussed to receive something from God, you identify what it is and you begin to act on what God gives you.We saw that God gives it to you in a little picture, a word or a thought or some kind of thing like that.

Okay, so what we need to do now is we'll just stop the session now and we're going to now look at giving you an activation to do. How about that? Well that was really exciting. [Laughter] Great, I know you want to stretch out. There's only so much - I can teach you all the stuff but at the end you've got to stretch out and do, so if you don't stretch out and do, then nothing's going to happen. So would you like to come up here? Can I pray for you? So what we'll do first of all is we'll look at the activation we did yesterday, and keep going back into that again alright? So the first thing we did - can I pray for some of you? Great! He's so positive. That's really good. Okay, can I take your hand then? Alright then, so what we're going to do is just going to pray an inspired prayer, then from that, we'll move to bringing an inspired thought. I'm not going to call it a prophecy because then you'll freak out and think I've got to do something hard. [Laughter] Just an inspired thought, I think everyone could have an inspired thought couldn't they? Could you have an inspired thought? [Yes] How many had one last night, God used you? Great! There you are. Okay, we can do it again today.

So what we're going to do now, I'm just going to ask the Lord to give me something that I can just use as a basis for praying for her. Remember that as you do this, you just free up your spirit and relax. If I focus on trying to do something, what's going to happen is I'll stress out, and then I'll get uptight. My spirit will shut, and what I feared will happen - [Inhales sharply] nothing! So just relax. Take time, just pray quietly in the spirit, [prays in tongues]. Just allow your spirit to relax and just come to a place where I'm open to now extend my faith and believe that God will give me something. So immediately I did that I got one word just came. I don't know what all that means, but I've just got one word to start with, and I'm expecting though that if I will just stay here focussed on that, God will help me understand what that's about, and then I'll begin to pray. As I pray, I will use that word or what God's showing me in that prayer, and there'll be a flow of the spirit of God to touch you. Alright, so now another word's just dropped into my mind, so how did that happen? Just a word just dropped in spontaneously while I'm in the middle of talking, and I've learned to recognise that's most likely the Holy Spirit.

Okay, so I'll just wait again, pray and stir your spirit, relax, extend your faith, ask the Lord to give you something. Now you're listening to your heart, not your head. If you're listing to your head, you'll look and try to figure out now what possible needs could she have, you know? You'll try and figure it out, so that's the language of the head. The language of the heart is spontaneous, it's a flow, it just is a thought or a picture just comes to mind. Okay, so go back there again to check I got it, and thank You Lord, just thank You Lord, You love her. Thank You Lord that You really care about her. Lord, I just thank you to give something just to help her. Alright, so that same word just is sitting there, so I'll just now begin praying. Father, I just thank You for my sister. Thank You, You love her. Thank You Lord that You are working in her life to stir up passion to reach people for Christ. I thank You there's a fire burning in her heart, to win people to You. There's a fire burning in her heart for the lost and the broken. There's passion, that You are igniting, to bring Your power to people who are broken and damaged.