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Prophesy (2 of 5)

Mike Connell

[Person Pastor Mike's praying for] Yeah. [Laughs]

[Pastor Mike] That's good and I can see the tears in your eyes as well. It just fitted you like a glove.

[Person Pastor Mike's praying for] Yeah, perfect.

[Pastor Mike] So thank you very much for being part of it. [Applause] So it helps if you've read the Bible and know some of the Bible. [Laughter] You've got something to draw from. If you haven't then you have to find another thing, so we'll forgive you there. We'll try it another way a little later in the day, but why don't we just try this to see if God will give me something, just something, a person. If it's a person, what is there about that person? Is it an event? What is there about that event? That's all you've got to ask. I mean we're just here to hear, and then to pass on what we saw, or felt, or sensed. Now it doesn't need to be as substantial as what I had, it can just be quite simple. Okay, you all okay to have a go? All ready to have a go? It could be fun.

Remember, just relax, Lord, where is it, the Old Testament, the New Testament? Usually there's a person - who? What person? And a name comes to mind or what event comes to mind? Let it come to your mind and then focus on it. Well God, what is it about that you want me to bring? This is a great place for Christians to start because you can work with another Christian, they've probably read the Bible, know a little bit about it. But you find the Bible is full of events and people and situations that would be really helpful. It's a good place to start. Okay, let's get someone, break into pairs and then start. Lets start with: can I practice on you? [Background chat

Okay, let's just get your feedback. How many people today were really blessed by what was shared, you felt touched by God? How many were really blessed? That is very good. Give you a clap then. [Applause] How many of you felt as the person shared with you wow, how did they know that? Wow, that's great, look at that. Wonderful! Okay then, so it surprised you that they would know that, or be that relevant to you. That's because it's come from the Holy Spirit, see? Okay then, how many of you were quite touched by the Lord, with what was shared, actually touched you and you felt affected by it? That's wonderful, look, it's the majority of people, wonderful - so that means all of us are picking up the flow of the spirit and speaking in a way that's encouraging or exhorting or comforting. It was just inspired thought by the way, it wasn't prophesy [laughter] and how many of you experienced a block or a struggle at that crucial point where you were reaching out to God? How many felt struggles then? Okay, that's several of you there. Right, was there anyone unable to overcome that struggle, it was just overwhelming? Okay, so you all overcame. That's interesting, so there is a point of faith conflict, where you're stretching out for God to give you something and all kinds of turmoils start to go on around you.

That's quite normal but if you will stay focussed and committed you can break through all of that, so it's just great. I want to commend you there for pushing through. Let's give them a clap the ones who pushed through that. [Applause] So you've had an inspired thought and that's how God works with us. With prophecy we just get an inspired thought or picture. How many got a picture that was a person, a story about a person in the Bible? Okay. How many it was an event, something that happened in the Bible? So some got that. Usually most people get a person. It's quite easy because you've read the Bible, read the person. How many of you, when you started to focus on that person, there was one aspect stood out to you about them? That was the bit you knew you had to talk about? How many had that happen. That's wonderful.

Now you see what happened in the process is you just reached out expecting. God gave you something, and as you enquired, you got more. That's how the prophetic goes. Have you ever seen a newsreader on TV, they only have a couple of lines that they're reading, and as they read the second line it changes, and then there's another line. There's another line drops in and that's how it works prophetically, so the newsreader has only got two lines at a time, but if he will read them then more will come. If you have a tissue box and you don't know how many tissues are in there but if you take one out, you think if I take that one out that's it. But no, low and behold there's another one turns up! [Laughter] And you take that - whoa! There's another one - and so it goes on. So the prophetic flows like that. You will take the first two lines and read them, then God will give you some more if you stay looking. If you pull the tissue out, another tissue is there if you'll stay looking, so if you stay focussed, looking and expecting, it begins to flow like a river from inside you and it's just all these thoughts, one after the other.